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March 2024: The Month of Fae, Bridgertons, Serial Killers & Royals

2023 Wrap up - March

Hi everybody, happy April and welcome to my March wrap up!

I didn’t end up reading a whole lot in March but that’s okay because House of Flame and Shadow was HUGE and I did enjoy everything I read. So let’s just dive right in!

What I Read

Romancing Mr Bridgerton by Julia Quinn (Bridgertons #4)

Ok, this book has gotten me even more excited for the upcoming new season of the Bridgerton tv show! I love Colin and Penelope as characters, I love a good friends-to-lovers romance and I love a good underdog story so this hit all the spots for me.

Rating: 4 stars

House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J. Maas (Crescent City #3)

I loved this book and I loved being reunited with all my favorite characters. While I did think that the start was a little slow and I had some mixed feelings about that certain plot in the beginning, I did love everything overall. But mostly, I love these characters, I’m just so emotionally invested in each and every one of them. That said, I also feel like there were a bit too many characters and I still had questions at the end about some of them, though I feel like others’ stories concluded nicely. Is there a spin-off series announced that I missed?

Rating: 4,5 stars

Butcher & Blackbird by Brynne Weaver (The Ruinous Love Trilogy #1)

I picked this up on a whim, because I just finished Romancing Mr Bridgerton and wanted something different, and because this had a lot of rave reviews. So somehow I ended up reading this dark friends-to-lovers rom-com about two serial killers and absolutely LOVING IT. This is hilarious and unhinged and definitely has a lot of trigger warnings, but I also don’t think it super dark either (like, there’s plenty of humor to balance it out and the characters are still likeable, if not all that relatable).

Rating: 4,5 stars | Read full review

Witches Get Stitches by Juliette Cross (Stay A Spell #3)

I read the first two books in this paranormal romance series last year and loved them and it has taken me way too long to continue it (through no fault of the series, just my tendency to get distracted by shiny new releases) but I finally picked up the third book this week and I adored Violet and Nico’s adorable friendship to lovers romance!

Rating: 4 stars

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Can’t Wait Wednesday

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What I Listened To

Here are two of my most-played songs this month:

PVRIS, Tommy Genesis, Alice Longyu Gao – Burn The Witch

Such an epic collab and such an addictive power song!

Linkin Park – Friendly Fire

Excuse me while I go sob my little heart out.

What I Watched

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Season 1)

I never watched the original anime so I can not say whether or not it was a good adaptation, but I can say this was a fun and enjoyable show, if not a favorite. I am very interested in seeing where Zuko’s story goes though, he is a definite favorite!


This was so hyped, so I was a bit hesitant, but I ended up really enjoying this movie and thought Millie Bobby Brown did a great job. The ending had me wooping 🙂

Young Royals (Season 3)

Ahh I fell in love with this series two years ago so it is a little bittersweet to see it come to an end but overall I think they did a great job and wrote a great overarching storyline and a satisfying ending. It’s a series I’ll definitely still re-watch often!

Life Update

March was a bit better than February. I managed to blog a bit more at least. But it was still a stressful month. Work has still gotten my anxiety spiking, not to mention the traffic which has been awful and soul-consuming (at least my flair of drama is still going strong 😉 )

I also spent two weekends in chaos as one weekend my dog Pixel got sick all of a sudden and we had to drive to a veterinarian on call. She had an infection, but luckily she’s fully recovered and her own energetic joyful self again. And then the next weekend, my mother fell down the stairs and was feeling a lot of pain in her knee so I took her to the emergency room where we had to wait for 7 (!) hours before basically getting painkillers and being told to go back home and wait it out. As frustrating as it was, the painkillers do seem to have helped and she’s feeling a bit better and able to walk around again, and hopefully fully recovered soon.

But it wasn’t all soul-consuming chaos and doom though 🙂


  • It’s officially spring, woop woop!
  • We started prepping our garden for summer and planted a hedge and some bushes. One of them even already bloomed!
  • There have been some sunny days that made me even more excited for the spring and summer months to come.
  • We had a few family parties that were fun.
  • I got a surprise present as my husband bought me a new phone (my old one was very old and dented/scratched up and I probably should have gotten a new one years ago but I tend to have difficulties with replacing my items 🙂 )


  • I am planning a little weekend getaway with my BFF! And some more family hangouts.
  • A lot of exciting new book releases, but I’m mostly looking forward to Funny Story by Emily Henry.
  • Just spring weather in general.

How was your March? What did you read? What did you listen to and what did you watch? What are you looking forward to in April?

Lindsey xoxo


  1. What a fun combination of stuff in your books this past month! Hope your bestie trip is fun!

    1. Thanks!

  2. I’m glad that although there were some stressful moments, March was a better month for you! It’s always nice to get out in the sunshine.

    1. Thanks! Yes, sunshine is always nice 🙂

  3. I’ve seen my fair share from the original Avater the last airbender anime and I thought the Netflix adaptation was really great. I loved it!

    1. Glad you thought it was a great adaptation! Maybe I should give the anime a try still 🙂

  4. I’m sorry this month was so stressful for you. I was glad to see you had some things to be happy about even through the stress.

    1. Thanks!

  5. I have yet to read a Maas book. I am currently immersed in the Fourth Wing series. Those books are huge. Enjoy your getaway.

    1. Oh, hope you’re enjoying Fourth Wing! And yes, they are definitely some huge books 🙂

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