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Most Anticipated Books Releasing During the Second Half of 2024

20240625 Most Anticipated Books Releasing During the Second Half of 2024

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Hi everybody and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday! Today we’re focusing on our most anticipated books releasing during the second half of 2024 and oh boy, am I anticipating quite a lot of books! I had to cut a few from my list and I still ended up with 12 instead of 10 but sssst we’re just going with that.

The Pairing by Casey McQuiston

Release date: 2 July 2024

“Two bisexual exes accidentally book the same European food and wine tour and challenge each other to an international hookup competition to prove they’re over each other.” Yes, that super short blurb was more than enough to convince me that I want, no NEED, to read this! And of course, also the fact that I adore Red White & Royal Blue and One Last Stop.

The Undermining of Twyla and Frank by Megan Bannen (The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy #2)

Release date: 2 July 2024

I loved The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy, it was such a unique read. So of course I am beyond excited to return back to this magical world and discover Twyla and Frank’s story!

Play Along by Liz Tomforde (Windy City #4)

Release date: 11 July 2024

I’ve loved every book in the Windy City series so far, so I am looking forward to the next installment featuring Kennedy and Isaiah. Plus the fake marriage trope is always a fun one.

Business Casual by B.K. Borison (Lovelight #4)

Release date: 16 July 2024

I fell in love with the Lovelight series last year as I adore these cozy, small-town romances so much. So of course I’m super excited to return to Inglewild for Charlie and Nova’s story!

The Fiancé Dilemma by Elena Armas (The Long Game #2)

Release date: 30 July 2024

I’ve been enjoying every Elena Armas book I’ve read so far, so I was already going to add this to my TBR. But even if I hadn’t, this would have had me at fake engagement!

Haunted Ever After by Jen DeLuca

Release date: 13 August 2024

I have loved Jen DeLuca’s Well Met series and her new series sounds so good too! I’m loving the paranormal aspect already and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with another fictional small town too.

Somewhere Beyond The Sea by TJ Klune (The House in the Cerulean Sea #2)

Release date: 10 September 2024

The House in the Cerulean Sea is one of my all-time favorite reads. So am I excited that there is a sequel coming and I’ll get to go back to Marsyas island? ABSOLUTELY! (But also a bit nervous to be honest)

The Wraith King by Juliette Cross

Release date: 24 September 2024

I’ve been loving Juliette Cross’s Stay A Spell series a lot recently so I’m definitely excited for her new romantasy release featuring light and dark fae!

The Songbird & The Heart of Stone by Carissa Broadbent

Release date: 19 November 2024

Carissa Broadbent’s The Serpent and the Wings of Night duology (books 1 and 2 in the Crowns of Nyaxia series) were some of my favorite reads of 2023. They resparked my love of fantasy romance and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. So of course I am excited for a new duology, set in the same world. And it features Mische, our favorite sunny vampire, and an exiled necromancer prince? Yes, please!

Under Loch and Key by Lana Ferguson

Release date: 3 December 2024

Well, I’ve never read a Loch Ness shapeshifter monster romance before…
It definitely sounds original and I have faith that Lana Ferguson will make this work!

A Monsoon Rising by Thea Guanzon (The Hurricane Wars #2)

Release date: 10 December 2024

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant and confused about my feelings for book one. But even with mixed feelings, I am still stoked to find out what’s next and I’m hoping the romance and angst will be revved up in book 2.

A Witch’s Guide to Magical Innkeeping by Sangu Mandanna

Release date: 24 December 2024

I was already going to want to read this, if only because I loved Sangu Mandanna’s previous release “The very Secret Society of Irregular Witches” and because of this absolutely gorgeous cover. But then I read the blurb and saw this described as featuring “a cranky witch, an icy historian, a snarky fox, an undead rooster, a spellbook that may or may not hold the key to breaking a curse, a cozy inn, and found family” and there is just no escape anymore… I need this book and I’ll be impatiently waiting all the way until December 2024!

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Tell Me:
What books are you eagerly anticipating in the second half of the year?
Do we have any in common?

Lindsey xoxo


  1. I didn’t really find many I’m CRAZY excited about. But I suspect part of the reason I didn’t find ten is because I just missed some during my research too. But also, I’m kind of glad I didn’t have too many to feature too. 🙂

    1. It’s definitely less daunting when the TBR is just a little more manageable 🙂

  2. We share Somewhere Beyond the Sea and Magical Innkeeping, of course. 😉 I hope you’ll end up getting and loving all of these.

    1. Thanks, I hope we’ll both love Somewhere Beyond the Sea and Magical Innkeeping! 🙂

  3. We don’t get Magical Innkeeping until next year otherwise it would totally be on my list.

    1. Oh no, I didn’t know it was postponed again, Goodreads still says December 2024 🙁 But yes, definitely looking forward to that one, whenever it releases!

  4. I am building a Liz Tomforde book into my July TBR no matter what! LOL

    1. Haha I can only applaud that plan as I have loved all her books so far 😀

  5. Jennifer Rummel says:

    Great list, I added a few to my TBR!

    1. That’s great, I hope you’ll love them!

  6. The Pairing looks interesting.

    1. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  7. Under Loch and Key sounds so cute! I will have to check it out. I also have the Klune and Mandanna book on my list. 🙂

    1. Hope we’ll both love Under Loch and Key!

  8. Really looking forward to more from Lana Ferguson!

    1. I have also loved her books so far!

  9. I had Bannen’s and Mandanna’s book on my list today too. I’m SO excited for them 😍 There are tons of others on here that I hadn’t seen were coming out but I really enjoy these authors so they’re immediately going on my TBR, lol. I hope you enjoy all of these!

    1. I’m so looking forward to Bannen’s and Mandanna’s books! Haha, gotta love the power of auto-buy authors 🙂 Thanks!

  10. Under Loch and Key has such a cuuute cover and I love the concept! Thanks for putting it on my radar. <3 I'll be waiting for your thoughts on it!

    1. Under Loch and Key does indeed sound like so much fun, I’m looking forward to it!

  11. I’m guessing the US edition is still this year because loads of people have it on their lists.

    1. Oh that could be! Either that or the Goodreads page hasn’t been updated yet.

  12. I’m so curious about The Pairing.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. Me too! 🙂

  13. I was gifted the first two books in the Borison series, for my birthday! We have a lot of overlapping books too. I hope you enjoy all of these when you get to them!!

    1. That’s a lovely birthday gift, I hope you’ll love them! 🙂

  14. I feel like we are all eager to read Mandanna’s new book. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

    1. Yes, it’s definitely a highly anticipated read!

  15. Lauren Becker says:

    The Pairing is on my list, and I added Haunted Ever After to my wish list today!

    Lauren @

    1. I hope we’ll both love The Pairing and Haunted Ever After!

  16. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    We have three books in common!

    1. Yay, great minds Sophie 😉

  17. Looks like a fun lineup! I hope you enjoy all these.

    Happy TTT!


    1. Thanks!

  18. I have several of these on my list too. They all sound great! I hope you enjoy them all. 🙂

    1. Thanks, hope you’ll love them too!

  19. The cover of The Wraith King has me SCREAMING! 😍

    1. It is so pretty indeed! <3

  20. There are a bunch of books on here I want to read, too. Bannen and Tomforde’s especially.

    1. I hope we’ll both love those books! 🙂

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