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Welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

Today’s all about villains! Now, I did  a post on my favorite villains a while back, so today I thought I’d highlight some of those villains that I love so much that I’m also kind of rooting for them to win. To me, the best villains are those that are delightfully morally gray, the ones that you can even understand and get where they are coming from. The ones you just want to hug and see luck be on their side. The ones who deserve to be loved, achieve success and get that win!

So without further ado, I present to you my top ten villains to root for from books, movies and TV:


Magneto (X-Men)

Let’s start this off with a bang, because to me, there is NO BETTER VILLAIN out there than Magneto, okay? His background explains his motives so well and with that charisma, I think it’s only natural he got such a huge following. He does bad things, definitely, but I GET IT. Also, that frenemies thing he’s got going on with Professor X just warms my heart.


Loki (Thor)

Easily my favorite character in the Thor universe, but I’ve always had a thing for tricksters… Though Loki’s pretty power hungry and has done some evil things, I also just want him to be happy and be loved, okay? *cries*


Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

Now, I’m not saying I’d ever feel even the slightest bit comfortable around Dexter Morgan. But if there’s any serial killer I’d want in my life, it’d be him.


Crowley (Supernatural)

I haven’t caught up with the last 3 seasons, so don’t spoil me please, but Crowley is the King of Hell I’d like to hang out with. Scary yes, but also funny and I love his banter with the Winchester bros.

Light Yagami

Light Yagami (Death Note)

I love the entire premise of Death Note, in which Light Yagami finds a notebook that kills people and decides to use it to rid the world of evil. Though it has its flaws, it’s also kind of a noble idea, right? He just want to quietly do his thing and become the god of a new world, what’s wrong with that? Truthfully, I’m more of an L girl (Light’s nemesis), but I also always understood Light’s intentions. This story is sooo debatable and I love the moral questions it poses.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn (Batman Universe)

Give the girl a break, she’s stuck in a toxic and abusive relationship that she urgently needs to get out of! Give her some love and affection (in the form of Poison Ivy would be nice) and let her do her thing!

Vicious Victor Vale

Victor Vale (Vicious by V.E. Schwab)

To be fair, if you give me a guy who can kill a guy in cold blood one minute and have hot cocoa with the girl he saved and is protecting the next, I’m probably gonna fall in love with him. (And yes, that says a lot about me). Vicious is full of amazing morally gray characters, and though I wouldn’t call Victor a hero by far, he’s not an outright villain either and that’s what makes him so intriguing.


Slytherin house (Harry Potter)

Slytherin is not a villainous house! Stop giving Slytherin house a bad rep! Slytherin is the most hated house in Hogwarts, but they just need a little love. The other houses have had bad apples as well (Peter Pettigrew, anyone?) so they can step off their high horse and stop badmouthing Slytherin. (Also, this is me still annoyed that Draco never really got his redemption arc that I so desperately wanted him to have).

Oswald Cobblepot

Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham)

To be fair, I’ve only watched season one, but he’s the underdog and though he’s evil as evil can be, I’m always kind of rooting for the underdog to succeed…

Will E Coyote

Will E Coyote

Can’t the guy get a break and just catch that darn coyote for once?  He works so incredibly hard for it, it’s just sad to see him lose again and again and again…

Tell Me:
Do you agree with my choices?
What’s a villain you can’t help but root for?

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  1. I love morally gray too. Yes to Magneto! Love his dynamic with Prof X too.

    And Harley Quinn yay!!!

  2. I wish I’d made a list of Marvel and/or DC characters. So many fit into the villains we-kinda-like category. Harley is a bit crazy (but we still like her) and of course, I always *want* to like Magneto! 🙂

  3. Crowley, Magneto and Loki <3 I root for them too. I always kind of rooted for the brotherhood haha.

  4. omg yesss Harley is my faveeee ?? she is one of the most interesting characters ever!! I was pretty indifferent to Loki, but after watching Thor: Ragnarok I definitely appreciated him so much more and really enjoyed his character. I don’t watch Supernatural anymore but when I did I loved Crowley. Also yes Slytherin ?? My fave house after Hufflepuff, haha. Great list, Lindsey!!

  5. Wiley is a villain you can’t help but pull for. He can’t help it that he wants to eat a roadrunner. After all, he’s a coyote.

    Perhaps he could be counseled to eat slower-moving bird species instead.

  6. I love villains that you can kind of root for – the morally gray characters are just fascinating! I wish Draco got more of a redemption ARC too, but I still love him, and Slytherin (I’m a Slytherin!!). I’m also all about Loki and Harley Quinn. 🙂


  7. This is such a cool list! So glad you had Wile E on it, poor guy must have racked up quite a long hospital bill by now. Also I agree – Slytherins need some love!

  8. Victor Vale is definitely a villain you want to root for, I love the combination of could kill you, but would kill for you, it’s perfect.

  9. Poinsettia says:

    I love your list! I can’t help but like Magneto and Loki as well. Dexter is definitely an intriguing character and I loved watching him change over the course of the series. (I really hated how it ended though) Will E Coyote!! Yes! I feel bad for him too! Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  10. Loki is so precious. I love his character so much, and Tom Hiddleston, well, he’s the main reason I do 😉
    I love Micheal Fassbender, so I’m sure I won’t find it hard to root for Magneto!

    Harley Quinn is an amazing character. Poor girl needs help, but she’s so compelling.

  11. I love Crowley!! <3 and Loki and Magneto and Harley haha. Great choices!!!

  12. I definitely agree with Magneto, Loki and Crowley!

  13. Loki is such a cool character – at times I’m convinced he’s a true villain and other times, I’m like, nah. And Magneto – I have to admit, all the X-Men movies and different timelines and stuff get me really confused! I never know what side he’s on!

  14. I always felt bad for the coyote when I was a kid. He’s just trying to eat! I like Victor Vale, too, even though he scares me.

  15. I love your list! It’s filled with some of my favorite villains, especially Loki. I also had a major soft spot for Will E. Coyote when I was a kid, lol.

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