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My Favorite K-Pop Choreo’s {Something Different Sunday}

Favorite K-Pop Choreos

Hi everybody and welcome to a brand new Something Different Sunday, where I talk about something different than books 🙂

Today I’d like to talk about two things I love, namely dance and music. I’ve been in a dance club since I was a little kid and I’ve always loved music of all genres. But it was especially when I discovered the wonderful world of k-pop that those two aspects just seemed to come together in the most wonderful way. Because here is an entire world of music that puts a major focus on dance. There are intricate choreographies everywhere, a lot of k-pop idols are amazing dancers and best of all, they even post all of their choreo’s on the big old Youtube.

So basically, I am in heaven. And really, what better way to share the love than to write a blog post about some of my favourite choreo’s so far? Here we go!

BTS – Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood Sweat Tears

Well, I’ll just start with my favorite okay? Honestly, I love pretty much every single BTS choreo so choosing just one was… painful. But it’s okay, I think I have a ‘top 10 BTS choreo’s’ post in me as well so it’s all good. For this post I ended up choosing Blood, Sweat and Tears, because it’s the first choreo by them that drew my attention and really started my interest in them as a group. It’s such an intricate, stylish and sexy dance and I can’t stop watching. Also, the synchronicity is just awe-inspiring <3

Seventeen – Thanks

Talking about synchronicity kings. Have you seen their ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ dance sped up twice? It’s just wow. But my favorite choreo by Seventeen has got to be Thanks, because it feels like I’m watching a modern piece of art. I heard parts of the choreo are also basically the words in sign language, which is even more inspiring.

Monsta X – Jealousy


I could have chosen a lot of choreo’s by Monsta X, but I have a special spot in my heart for their latest release Jealousy. I think it’s the use of their arms in the refrain. It could look so cheesy and they make it look so great. Also, the ‘swagging, swagging’ bit is love. But that may be because I have a soft spot for Jooheon and I.M.

EXO – The Eve

The Eve

Another group with so many great choreos to choose from, but my favourite is The Eve. It’s the body rolls. Seriously, just try to look away from the body rolls.

BigBang – Bang Bang Bang

Bang Bang Bang

Okay, Big Bang is not the k-pop group best known for their intricate dance choreos. BUT that does not mean I can’t love the hell out of this dance. I have seriously watched this hundreds of times already. I especially love TOP’s dance “style”  (BTW, have you seen them do this dance 2X fast? HILARIOUS)

Xia – Flower


This is the song that got me into k-pop and what attracted me most of all was the choreo. I still hope to teach myself this someday. This song means the world to me and Xia or Kim Junsu is such a flawless dancer, I could watch him all day long.

BlackPink – Boombayah


Honestly, I think this choreo has so many awkward bits, like the hairflipping or the part with Rosé on the floor, but for some reason these girls make it work and it looks great? It’s just such an amazing choreo and I love, love, love it. Have you seen them do this choreo two times fast? AWE.SOME.

NCT U – Baby Don’t Stop

Baby Don't Stop

I love this entire dance, but I especially adore the parts Ten and Taeyong dance with just the two of them. There’s some kind of puppeteering vibe to the dance, but a it’s a sexy puppeteer vibe and I don’t understand how that can even work, but it does!

NCT 2018 – Black On Black

Black on Black

This may be brand new but I have already watched it too many times too count. The synchronicity. The power. The intro. Ten’s solo. Taeyong. Lucas. I can rave about this choreo ALL DAY LONG!

Wanna One – Energetic


The piano opening and the catchy, powerful refrain of this song really speak to me. I feel happy just watching this.

Twice – Likey


This one may feel like the odd one out in this list, because I don’t usually adore the bubblegum, cute choreo’s as much as I do the powerful, fast-paced ones. But this one is just TOO CUTE. I may copy it often when I’m getting ready in the bathroom (and getting zero getting ready done of course). I especially love Momo’s solo and then the rest of the girls joining in. And the refrain is adorable. (Plus, this one is also equally adorable sped up… twice)

What are your favorite k-pop choreos?


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! I can’t count the amount of times I’ve already watched Black on Black. It’s just so good. I especially love Lucas’ part because a) seeing Chenle and Renjun skipping to their place is so cute and b) Taeyong looks so cool standing on top of the others and not moving his head when the others do. NCT is really taking over 2018.

    I think Blood, Sweat & Tears is still one of my fave BTS songs and choreos, as well as Silver Spoon. And YES to Baby Don’t Stop, and Jealousy, and The Eve. I actually love all of these (except for Flower, because I’d never heard it before?).

    I have such a soft spot for I.M, so anytime he’s at the forefront, I’m loving it. I actually got a ticket for the Monsta X concert in Amsterdam in June, and I’m SO EXCITED!

      Black on Black is so good indeed! It’s hard to stop watching it on loop again and again because it’s so addictive. And yes that part is one of my favorites as well! 2018 is indeed the year for NCT, I’ve been loving them more and more 🙂
      Silver Spoon is such a fun dance as well! I’m thinking of doing another post like this with only BTS songs and that would definitely make my list too!
      I’m just slowly getting to know all the Monsta X members, but I.M definitely stood out to me too from the beginning. Same with Jooheon and Kihyun. OMG that’s great that you’ll get to see them live in Amsterdam! I’m just a little bit jealous haha 😉 Hope you’ll have an amazing time! I’m hoping to go to Amsterdam in October for the BTS world tour so fingers crossed 🙂

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