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Songs That Keep Me Going – The 2017 Edition {Something Different Sunday}

Songs That Keep Me Going

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Hi everybody, and welcome to a new edition of Something Different Sunday!

Today I’d like to talk a bit about music! As you may already know, music has always been an important part of my life. I’m someone who forms big emotional connections to certain songs and as such, music plays a really big part in keeping me motivated. It’s also something that always manages to get me through tough times. So I figured, why not talk about some of those songs? For me, sharing these songs is a way of opening up and sharing my thoughts and feelings with you, without getting too personal and whiny, but on the other hand, perhaps these songs can help someone else as well!

I figure this will be a recurring topic, so I’d like to start with songs I relate to a very specific time period, namely my personal experience with the first half of 2017.

As you may or may not know, 2017 has been a pretty tough year for me. In December 2016 I lost my job of 10 years and I struggled with this fact for months. It hit me way worse than I let on, or even more than anybody ever knew or understood. In the meantime I’ve been happy enough to have found a new job, but those dark months still brought on so much hurt, self-doubt and loneliness that will stay with me for a while to come. On top of that, there is of course the general dumpster fire that has been our reality in 2017 and I’ve ended up needing to rely on music A LOT.

So shoutout to all the songs below for having kept me going!

With Confidence – Voldemort

Voldemort is a song talking about mental illness. Just like with Voldemort, people don’t like talking about it out of fear and stigma, but ‘fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself’ and even if you don’t talk about it, it’s still a looming presence in a person’s life. I like the message of this song and just the hope I feel when I listen to it.

“And I will try to hold you up
Through those times when you are gone
Despite the weather, it gets better
You won’t do this alone”

XIA – Flower

If the past months had a soundtrack for me, this would be the title track. It’s the song that introduced me to kpop, but also I just adore the general message it sends.

“Piercing through the storm of snow
A deeply rooted flower blossoms
This is the truth
It may seem like it’s all over
There wasn’t a single door in this world that smothered you
Everyone goes through this
I tell you it’s okay
Even if it’s a small light, the darkness can’t swallow it”

One Ok Rock – Start Again

I’m pretty new to One Ok Rock, but their album called ‘Ambitions’ has been on repeat for months. I love it so much, but Start Again is probably my favorite song of the album, because of the themes of being yourself, always and unapologetically. And well, starting again.

“I’m not always perfect
But I’m always myself
If you don’t think I’m worth it
Find someone else
I won’t say I’m sorry
For being who I am
Is the end a chance to start again?”

As It Is – Okay

As It Is is one of those bands that know just how to mix upbeat sounding songs with emotionally gut-wrenching lyrics, which speaks to me on so many levels. I love the lyrics, which talk about how tough it can be to open up to someone else when you’re just not feeling okay, and the pressure of always showing your best self to others. Sometimes you just want to be able to say ‘No, I’m NOT okay.’ I also just really love this acoustic version.

“So keep your “It’ll get better’s” and I’ll keep my “I’ll be just fine’s”
I’ll show you flashes of colors and hide behind bouquets of lies”

Marianas Trench – Fallout

I fell in love with Marianas Trench’ sound this year and the song Fallout felt especially relatable. Even though it’s about a relationship, I personally related to the lyrics on another level…

“It’s easy to say it’s for the best
When you want more
While you leave me with less
I know you’re fine, but what do I do?”

Lorde – Green Light

Another song I put on repeat so, so many times this year. Though about a broken relationship, I especially related to the theme of needing to move on, but not being quite ready to do so yet, and just waiting for that green light. Plus the song is just so catchy and danceable!

“Cause honey I’ll come get my things, but I can’t let go
I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it
Oh, I wish I could get my things and just let go
I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it”

You Me At Six ft Oli Sykes – Bite My Tongue

Sometimes you just need an angry song to get you through the day, and that is where this jem comes in. It’s a bit older, but I just discovered it this year and fell in love.

“You keep me on the edge of my seat
I bite my tongue so you don’t hear me
I wanna hate every part of you with me
I can’t hate the ones who made me”

BTS – Not Today

As I may have a mentioned a few (bazillion) times already, I really got addicted to kpop this year. I never would have expected to, but I did and I just owe so much to kpop. BTS is one of the bands in particular who really helped me keep going, and especially this motivational anthem has been helpful in getting me out of bed many mornings.

“All the underdogs in the world
A day may come when we lose
But it is not today
Today we fight!”

Papa Roach – Born For Greatness

My 2000’s rock loving self was so pumped when Papa Roach released a new album this year and I LOVED every single track on it. Born For Greatness is one of those songs that keep me pumped and motivated and ready to carpe the hell out of this diem.

“So if you’re running, stop running
One life, one chance, start living
Sing it louder just to let the world know
No we’re not nameless, we’re not faceless
We were born for greatness”

BTS – Spring Day

Oh hey, it’s BTS again! Sorry about that, but I just couldn’t NOT mention Spring Day. It’s a little less motivational and a little more confrontational for me, but if there is one song that perfectly describes my feelings the past few months, and my loneliness in particular, it’s this one. It’ll forever be a favorite.

“You know it all
You’re my best friend
Morning will come again
Because no darkness and no season
Is eternal”

Little Mix – Salute

Why did I sleep on the awesomeness of Little Mix for so long? Sometimes a girl just needs some poppy girl power in her life!

“Ladies all across the world
Listen up, we’re looking for recruits
If you with me, lemme see your hands
Stand up and salute
Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute”

So those are the songs that got me through the first half of 2017!

What are some songs that keep you going? What’s your number one favorite song of the moment?


  1. Ahhhhhh I love this SO MUCH. You have such a great taste in music ??? I love Voldemort so much! It’s such an amazing song and as soon as I learned about the meaning I loved it even more. I actually met With Con last year and got to tell them how much the song meant to me and it was such a great feeling ♥ I also LOVELOVELOVE Bite My Tongue. Fallout, Okay, Salute and Green Light are so great too.

    Also, if it’s okay I might do a post like this for a future Music Monday??

    1. Ah yay thank you Lauren! And a lot of these I discovered through recommendations from you, so a huge thank you for all your amazing recs!!! <3 Voldemort has such an amazing meaning behind it, it's what made me fall in love with it too. That's so cool that you got to meet them and tell them how much it meant to you in person! Must be one of the best feelings in the world…
      And yeah, of course you can do a post like this! I'm already looking forward to it 🙂

  2. I’m SO with you. Music is my therapy as well. Even if it is just a snippet of a song it can help. Sometimes you just need to dive into your feelings and music seems to be there. Loved all the samples. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, exactly! Sometimes music can be all the therapy one needs 🙂

  3. Though I’m unfamiliar with these songs, I have heard of Lorde. Most of the time, the tunes I blast when I want catchy music is Taylor Swift. 🙂

    I also listen to a lot of country music, Penatonix, Rachel Platten, Dan + Shay, Katharine McPhee, Alexander Jean, and have loved discovering cover artists on iTunes. So many talented artists. Music is a fabulous way to help inspire something (like writing – I always listen to music when I write during my night owl sessions).

    Fun post, Lindsey!

    1. Ah yes, Taylor Swift is definitely a favorite of mine too when it comes to catchy music! 🙂
      I don’t listen to country music that much, but I do always enjoy it when it comes on the radio, so I should definitely look up some artists more actively! I’ll start with some of your list! And yes, music is indeed super inspirational <3

  4. Oh this is such a fun post – thank you for giving me new music to listen to! I LOVE Fallout – and loads of other Marianas Trench songs as well, and You Me At Six is such a great band 😀 <3

    1. Marianas Trench and You Me At Six are both such amazing bands indeed, glad to hear you love them as well 🙂 Hope you’ll find something else to enjoy from these as well!

  5. Love this! I’m a big music fan and different songs and artists really do help me through tough times. Thanks for sharing all of these. I had no clue there was a song called Voldemort; I need to listen to this one!!


    1. Music can be so powerful indeed! Hope you’ll enjoy Voldemort 🙂

  6. These are all new songs to me! (Although in my defense, I am shockingly behind on albums and new releases, etc…..I just find a song that I like, listen to it, and don’t really worry about how old it is, what the public’s response to it is, and even sometimes who the artist is. I just enjoy it, hehe).

    I totally agree about connecting to emotional songs, and how they can help get you through hard times. Some people don’t understand that dark, so-called ‘depressing’ songs can often have the most impact, but I personally find them comforting. I love losing myself in music 🙂

    Wonderful post 🙂

    1. I totally understand, there are just way too many artists and albums out there, it’s almost impossible to keep track! I sometimes find a song I love so much and then find out that it was released ages ago and was super popular apparently, haha 😀
      Yes, music definitely can be so powerful in helping us get through the tough times. They can show us that we’re not alone in feeling how we feel, and that is already such a big help sometimes 🙂

  7. You have really great taste in music. The Lorde song was the only one I’ve listened to before, but I’m loving all the rest of them!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m so happy to hear you’re loving these songs 🙂

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