Some of My Favorite Books That Need Your Love & Attention Too {Top Ten Tuesday}

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Welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

Today is all about hidden gems and as I mentioned before – I am not that good at discovering hidden gems. Most books I read are ones that are highly hyped or at least recommended to me already by trusted blogger friends. I am working on this, but in the meantime I asked Goodreads for help. (What would we do without Goodreads?)

I basically checked the list of books I read and sorted them on the number of ratings they received. The first book on my list only received about 40 ratings, while the last one received about 2.600 ratings. Which is not a lot. (To give you an idea: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone hasĀ 5.536.439 ratings to date)

So in conclusion: these books are great and deserve some more love!

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Ten Reasons Why The Red Winter Trilogy Is THE Hidden Gem YA Fantasy {Top Ten Tuesday}

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Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

As you may have guessed from this weeks’ title, I’m kind of cheating. The actual post for today should have been ‘Top Ten Hidden Gems in X Genre’. But, as I have explained in the past, I am the absolute worst at discovering hidden gems. My TBR consists mostly of a huge backlist of popular books I still need to get to. I very rarely pick up a book when I have not heard about it before or have not been recommended it by my bookish friends. It’s a big shame of mine and I’m constantly working on it. Add to that the fact that I just got out of a reading slump and well, I wouldn’t be able to give you any hidden gems that I haven’t already talked about before.

However, I did discover one magnificent, glorious hidden gem this year so I figured “Why not talk about that series in particular?” I mean, it’s not like I’ve already raved about this in the past. Or sneakily tried to include it in pretty much every Top Ten Tuesday since. Right? Erm…

Anyway, with that said, please allow me to introduce you to the wonderful Red Winter trilogy by Annette Marie and present to you TEN reasons why it’s THE hidden gem you need on your YA fantasy lovin’ bookshelf!

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