Books I Already Own On Audio Or E-book, But Also Really Want A Physical Copy Of So They Can Look Pretty On My Book Shelves {Top Ten Tuesday}

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Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

Today’s all about books I already read and own, but want a second copy of. More specifically, the books I own as e-book or audiobook already, but reeeeaaally want a physical copy of as well to put on my book shelves. Because as much as I love e-books and audiobooks, they come with a major downside: you can’t put them on your shelves to stare at all day. And for me, when I really love a book, I feel like I also need a physical copy, like it’ll last longer. Does that make any sense?

So why don’t I just buy second copies? Well, I’m really cheap and can’t justify spending money on a second copy. Or I can, but it takes aaaaages to convince myself it’s a good idea. So I ask for them as gifts instead, but then this takes a long time as well since birthdays only happen once a year… So fellow book worms, please feel free to convince me in the comments and tell me what book/series I really do need to get a physical copy of!

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