Twitter Goes Crazy For Ronan, New Renee and Sabaa, Publication for Zenith & A Magnus Short Story {Bookish Bites}

Bookish Bites 201608

Hi guys, and welcome to a new ‘Bookish Bites’, some of the latest news in book world that caught my eye!

The past two weeks have been very good for YA fantasy and sci-fi lovers, as a lot of new books and extras have been announced! So here’s a quick overview of the latest news in a handy bite-sized format 😉

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Everything Everything Casting, More Sarah and Becky, Divergent Shocker and more! {Bookish Bites}

Bookish Bites

Hi guys, and welcome to my first ever ‘Bookish Bites’!

I wanted to try this kind of post because there is sometimes so much bookish news out there that I’d love to talk about. New books being announced, movie or tv show adaptation news, cover reveals, title reveals, you name it!

And while I do flail about them on Facebook or Twitter, I don’t really talk a lot about it here. But I still wanted to do that! So I though it might be nice to recap some of these in one big post every few weeks. What do you think, would that be nice to talk about, or would it be old news for you by then? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Anyway, here’s some of the latest news in book world!

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