Can't Wait Wednesday

Under Loch and Key by Lana Ferguson {Can’t Wait Wednesday}

Under Loch and Key by Lana Ferguson {Can't Wait Wednesday}

Can’t Wait Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings, in which we take a look at upcoming releases we’re super excited about.

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Today’s selection and book I’m excitedly awaiting is:

Under Loch and Key by Lana Ferguson

Under Loch and Key

by Lana Ferguson
Adult Fiction – Contemporary – Romance
December 3rd, 2024

A woman discovers that not all monsters are her enemy—the opposite, in fact—in this new paranormal romance by Lana Ferguson, author of The Fake Mate.

Keyanna “Key” MacKay is used to secrets. Raised by a single father who never divulged his past, it’s only after his death that she finds herself thrust into the world he’d always refused to speak of. With just a childhood bedtime story about a monster that saved her father’s life and the name of her estranged grandmother to go off of, Key has no idea what she’ll find in Scotland. But repeating her father’s mistakes and being rescued by a gorgeous, angry Scotsman—who thinks she’s an idiot—is definitely the last thing she expects.

Lachlan Greer has his own secrets to keep, especially from the bonnie lass he pulls to safety from the slippery shore—a lass with captivating eyes and the last name he’s been taught not to trust. He’s looking for answers as well, and Key’s presence on the grounds they both now occupy presents a real problem. It’s even more troublesome when he gets a front row seat to the lukewarm welcome Key receives from her family; the strange powers she begins to develop; and the fierce determination she brings to every obstacle in her path. Things he shouldn’t care about, and someone he definitely doesn’t find wildly attractive.

When their secrets collide, it becomes clear that Lachlan could hold the answers Keyanna is after—and that she might also be the key to uncovering his. Up against time, mystery, and a centuries old curse, they’ll quickly discover that magic might not only be in fairy tales, and that love can be a real loch-mess.

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Well, I’ve never read a Loch Ness shapeshifter monster romance before…
It definitely sounds original and I have faith that Lana Ferguson will make this work!

Tell Me:
Will you be reading this book?

Lindsey xoxo


  1. I literally just added this one to my TBR this morning! It sounds really fun!

    1. It does indeed sound like a hoot 🙂

  2. Loch Ness shapeshifter monster romance??? What what what what??? I love it and I’m gonna HAVE to need to read it when it comes out later this year!

    1. I know, it just sounds so good!

  3. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    Use “lass” in a synopsis and I am a goner!

    1. Haha, it’s definitely a word that’ll catch my eye every time too 🙂

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