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My 10 Favorite 2023 Songs (Part One)

Fave 2023 Songs Part 1

Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Something Different Sunday, in which I talk about, well, something DIFFERENT than books.ย 

Since we’re officially reaching the end of the year, it’s time to bring out the lists, and today I’m listing my 10 favorite songs of 2023 (part one – part two will as usual be focusing specifically on kpop songs).

Against The Current – Blindfolded

For the THIRD year in a row an Against The Current song is my favorite and since 2023 is the year I finally got to see them live it feels like a fitting victory.

“Wish I could know less, just go back to bed
‘Cause all my pink skies have been painted red
If this is real don’t show it
I wanna run blindfolded”

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Fall Out Boy – Heartbreak Feels So Good

2023 was the year we had a new Fall Out Boy album, and yes, it DID make my entire year <3

“It was an uphill battle
But they didn’t know, but they didn’t know
We were gonna use the roads as a ramp to take off”

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Daisy Jones & The Six – Regret Me

When I first read Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid, I found myself wishing they were a real band and Aurora was a real album. And in 2023 I got my wish (kind of) with the TV adaptation and the release of the album that came with it!

“You regret me and I regret you
I find it perfectly natural, here because if you do
Off the PCH highway with the typical wonderful view
Go ahead and regret me but I’m beating you to it, dude”

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Linkin Park – Lost

I’ll always love Linkin Park and miss Chester. But being able to listen to his voice and a never-before-heard LP song was its own kind of magic.

“I’m lost in these memories
Living behind my own illusion
Lost all my dignity
Living inside my own confusion”

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Chinchilla – Little Girl Gone

I discovered this song because of TikTok and I’m happy I did because WOW what a power song.

“Say that again, I didn’t quite hear you
Messed with the wrong bitch in the wrong era
I been at work and I got my badge of honor
Honey, I’ve changed so much since I last saw you”

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One Ok Rock – Make It Out Alive

I feel like One Ok Rock is another staple in any of my yearly top ten lists and that’s a good thing for sure! I hope I’ll get to watch them live some day.

“Tonight, tonight, tonight
I’m screaming on the inside, I was
Trying to hide, trying to hide, trying to hide
Now I’m ready for this ride”

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Troye Sivan – Got Me Started

2023 has been the year of Troye Sivan and I’ve especially been loving the funky and danceable Got Me Started.

“You just got me started
And I don’t think I can stop it
And I don’t wanna go home alone, alright?”

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Paramore – Running Out of Time

Just like FOB, I’m so excited we also got a new Paramore album this year! I’ve especially loved Running Out of Time as it just felt SO RELATABLE.

“Never mind, I hit the snooze on my alarm twenty times
But I was just so tired
There was traffic, spilled my coffee, crashed my car, otherwise
Woulda been here on time
Shoulda, coulda, wouldn’t matter, ultimate alibi
You know it’s a lie”

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All Time Low – Calm Down

Another staple in my top 10 lists, but how can they not be if they keep releasing this kind of relatable bops?

“Don’t tell me to calm down, tell me to calm down
It’s freaking me out that you’re not freaking out
Don’t tell me I’ll be fine, even if you’re right
It’s freaking me out
Don’t tell me to calm down”

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Laurence Jones – You’re Not Alone

I discovered Laurence Jones quite by accident this year when I went to a local Blues Festival without really knowing anything about blues music or the artists playing there. But from Laurence Jones’ opening song, I fell in love with his music and he’s been on repeat on my playlist ever since.

“Sometimes I feel like Iโ€™m just a fool
Sometimes I feel thereโ€™s nothing to lose
Youโ€™re not alone”

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And as always I also want to shout out some extra artists and songs, because they just didn’t make the list, but they still made my year:

Tell Me:
What were some of your favorite songs of 2023?
Do we have any in common?

Lindsey xoxo


  1. Great list! I’m gonna be checking out a few of these, especially the Paramore and All Time Low songs cos I haven’t listened to those bands in ages. Troye Sivan’s album is amazing and I love that song so much ๐Ÿ˜ Definitely in my list of favourite tracks this year!

    1. Yes, so true about Troye Sivan’s new album! I hope you’ll love the Paramore and All Time Low songs. It’s definitely been a nostalgic music year ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Thanks for the list.. I already downloaded a bunch I had never heard of.

    1. Yay, hope you found some new fave songs ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Paramore and All Time Low!

    1. Yay, glad we have those bands in common ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I really need to branch out musically. I’ve only listened to a couple of these that I can remember. I’ll blame it on Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and my old school comfort songs.

    1. I love Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and old school comfort songs! Definitely all you need in a playlist right there ๐Ÿ™‚

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