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My 10 Favorite 2023 Songs (Kpop Edition)

Fave 2023 Songs Part 2

Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Something Different Sunday, in which I talk about, well, something DIFFERENT than books. 

Last week, I listed my ten favorite songs of 2023, the non-kpop edition. Which means that today, it’s time for my ten favorite kpop songs of the year! Here we go:

Le Sserafim – Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife

This year, I fell in love with Le Sserafim and their brand of badass female powerpop. Especially this song has been on my playlist in several forms: the original one from the video below, the English version, the Demi Lovato version AND the Rina Sawayama remix. And I love them all!

“Zoom in zoom out smile bigger for the crowd
Shut up shut up now shut your feelings out
Keep it keep it down tell me I’m too loud
Better watch your mouth it comes back around”

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(G)-IDLE – I Want That

In the same genre of badass female powersongs I just have to mention (G)-IDLE. They had multiple songs I loved this year, but I think “I Want That” is the catchiest.

“I want you to fall, hardest of all
Until the tears roll down your face
Saying my name or nothing at all
I only want everything”

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TXT – Chasing That Feeling

Choosing just one 2023 TXT song was a tough one, as I also really loved their 2 English collabs this year, but in the end Chasing That Feeling hits all the right poppy, nostalgic spots for me.

“Time’s a thief that keeps on stealing
I just keep on chasing that feeling
Won’t give up, won’t stop believing
I just keep on chasing, chasing that

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The Rose – Alive

The Rose also feels like a must-have in my top 10 lists, but they just keep releasing these amazing songs!

“There’s nights where I just wanna get floated
Sometimes, I kinda feel like I’m broken
Lost my color or maybe somebody stole it
Gets so dark inside, I love these heavy emotions”

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ONEUS – Erase Me

Another must-have in my top 10 kpop songs is ONEUS. Their every single song is a bop and Erase Me was no exception.

“My room is empty without you
A ruthless world, bring it on
I’m crying every day
I’m still obsessed with the moment”

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Twice – Set Me Free

Twice has a way of sneaking into my top 10 lists every single year. Even when I’m not expecting it, their catchy, poppy pop songs just get inside my head and take over my playlist.

“Cause you bring out the best of me (Best of me)
All the things I’m ready to be (Everything)
Yeah, gonna set me, set me, set me free”

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Jennie – You & Me

Jennie’s new solo song came as a surprise, but it was a great one! The catchy lyrics, the choreography, I love everything about it!

“You’re the reason my heart skips, drops
Just a little touch, my world stops
Finally, I know that you’re mine
I don’t wanna fall”

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Stray Kids – LaLaLaLa

According to Spotify Wrapped, Stray Kids were my number one artist of 2023 and that’s not surprising as they released 2 albums that I had on repeat all year long.

“Shout into the mic, just enjoy, it’s music after all
Put a lock on your worries, this song is like medicine
Untie your hair, the genre itself is called joyful rock”

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Dreamcatcher – OOTD

Though I have to admit I haven’t been as in love with Dreamcatcher’s 2023 releases as I was with their previous works, it’s still solid top 10 material as I love these girls and the important messages they put into every single song!

“Shine, spotlight, unforgettable
I’m the future, so incredible
I’ll give you an even bigger thrill
Like a time-lapse
Bet you’ll remember me”

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Jung Kook ft Latto – Seven

I feel like we’ve all been impatiently awaiting the BTS maknae’s debut solo album and now it’s here and it’s everything I could have expected and so much more.

“You love when I jump right in
All of me I’m offerin’
Show you what devotion is
Deeper than the ocean is”

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Tell Me:
What were some of your favorite kpop songs of 2023?
Do we have any in common?

Lindsey xoxo


  1. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    I confess that aside some very famous BTS songs I am not a K-Pop fan…

    1. That’s totally okay Sophie! Yay for those BTS songs though 🙂

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