Extended Blog Break Due To Technical Difficulties

Hi everyone.

In the first week of September I went on a little blogging break which was only supposed to last 3 weeks max.

But unfortunately as of last week I’ve been having technical difficulties with my blog. I came back from holiday excited to get started again, logged into my blog, updated my plugins and clicked the create a new post button… and ended up with a white screen.

The same happens when I try to edit a post, or copy a post. So basically, I’m stuck and can’t post anything new.

I’ve been trying to fix it ever since, but unfortunately I am not super tech savvy and haven’t found the solution yet.

I did the troubleshoot mode and found that my Jetpack plugin seems to be the issue. As soon as that specific plugin is disabled in troubleshoot mode, I can add a new post. But the problem is that Jetpack is such a crucial plugin for me, it’s my antispam, security, backup, stats, … So I don’t dare disable it outside of troubleshoot mode for fear of messing up my blog completely…

I am in contact with Jetpack support and they are looking into the issue as well, but unfortunately haven’t been able to find the solution so far either. So while I’m itching to get back to blogging, I need to be patient a little bit longer.

So how am I even writing this post? In troubleshoot mode all my plugins are disabled and then it works. So while this is not a feasible long-term solution, I did at least want to keep you informed about my prolonged absence this way.

Any of you have any similar issues in the past? If so, how did you fix it?

I hope to find the solution quickly and be back soon!


  1. Bummer! I’m so sorry you’re having tech issues, Lindsey. This is always so frustrating. Hope you find the solution soon and can return to the blog world.

  2. Oh boy, Lindsey. I have been there, and it stinks. I hope you get the issues worked out soon, so you can come back to blogging.

  3. Ugh, computer issues are the worst! Hope you find a fix soon!

  4. Ugh! I hate this. Maybe your host can help you out? Maybe go back to the last day you posted and install a backup from there or something?

  5. Oh no Lindsey, that sucks! I never had this issue myself and I’m also not tech savvy so I’m afraid I’m no help at all but like A Novel Glimpse said can your host help you out? That’s what I would do. Technology can be a little bitch sometimes 🙁

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