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5 Romantasy Books I Read and Love & 5 I Still Want To Read

5 Romantasy Books I Read and Love & 5 I Still Want To Read

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Hi everybody and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday! Today is a genre freebie and I decided to focus on:


Romantasy (AKA fantasy romance or romantic fantasy) is just what it says: a fantasy book but with a big focus on romance. It can take place in either a high fantasy world or a low fantasy setting.

Because I love me some fantasy, and I love me some romance, and I love it even more when they can be combined!

And as I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to focus on romantasy books I already read and loved, or romantasy books I still want to read, I just split this post up and am doing both (because why not). So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

5 Romantasy Books I Read and Love

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

I mean, it’s still one of the classic fantasy romances to me! I re-read this one regularly and it still does it for me (especially book 2!)

The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy by Megan Bannen

I’m not even sure how I can begin to describe The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy. It’s a romance. It’s a fantasy with zombie-like creatures. It is super sweet. It is kinda macabre. It’s cozy and whimsical and yet also gory at times. It’s feel-good but also may have you bawling a bit. Not many stories could pull of this many different vibes and yet still make so much sense. Basically, it’s one of a kind. I adored it! Read my full review.

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

This is just such a fun, addictive and swoony fantasy romance series featuring Cat, a half vampire who hunts vampires, and Bones, the powerful vampire bounty hunter who trains her. Read my post with 10 reasons why I love this series.

The Serpent and the Wings of Night by Carissa Broadbent

Talking about vampires, this is an amazing read for anyone who loves romantic fantasy, brutal magical tournaments, a world of vampires and one fierce human girl, slow-burn romance with amazing chemistry, complicated relationships and edge-of-your seat action! Read my full review.

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

The hype is real! I can only jump on the hype train and highly recommend this book to anyone who likes slow-burn fantasy romance with deadly schools, grumpy dragons, underdog heroines, amazing friendships and powerful magic. Read my full review.

5 Romantasy Books I Still Want To Read

Fall of Ruin and Wrath by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Even though I am falling a teensy tiny little bit out of love with her Blood and Ash series (I’m sorry, but this series is just going on for too long now) I’m nevertheless still quite eager to try another Jennifer L. Armentrout series, because she does know how to write that delicious slow-burn AND the steam!

Daughter of No Worlds by Carissa Broadbent

“A former slave fighting for justice. A reclusive warrior who no longer believes it exists. And a dark magic that will entangle their fates.” I’m loving the sound of this already and if it’s half as good as The Serpent and the Wings of Night, I just know it’ll be amazing!

A Kiss of Iron by Clare Sager

A new series featuring court intrigue, a morally grey hero, and an unforgettable enemies-to-lovers romance. Say no more, you’re hitting all my tropes already.

A Ship of Bones and Teeth by Karina Halle

Look, you had me at “standalone adult dark fantasy pirate romance re-telling of The Little Mermaid”

The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon

This debut just sounds like it’ll be right up my alley: enemies-to-lovers, light versus dark magic, an exquisite fantasy world set in a Southeast-Asia-inspired world. All that PLUS that gorgeous cover? Yes, my expectations are quite high already!

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Tell Me:
Do you like romantasy? Do you have any favorites / recommendations for me?

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  1. I’ve seen Jennifer’s books off and on through the years on various lists or on Goodreads, but never read one of hers. I know she was (or is?) a very well loved author. 🙂

    1. Jennifer’s definitely a well-loved author!

  2. masterspj says:

    I was familiar with the term romantasy until today. It’s not something I tend to read, as I’m not a huge lover of fantasy.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

    1. That’s okay, the fun part about a freebie TTT is we get to have a wide variety of genres today 🙂

  3. ACOTAR is definitely a new classic. I need to get caught up, though. I’ve been putting off ACOSF. (Nesta… ugh)

    1. Ooh, I get the Nesta dislike, but I have to admit I really liked her book… and even her by the end. So I hope you’ll enjoy that one too!

  4. I’d never heard of romantasy before, but it’s such a cute mashup of a word. 🙂

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday post.

    1. It is indeed! 🙂

  5. I have had Halfway to the Grave for way too long. I need to read it one of these days!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

    1. I definitely recommend that series so much, hope you’ll love it!

  6. I loved Bannen’s and Yarros’s books! I have read Halle before and her books are hit or miss for me. I hope you love that one.

    1. This would be my first Karina Halle, so I am curious to see what I think of it. I do hope it’ll be a hit for me, but definitely good to know that you’ve had mixed feelings about her books before!

  7. Oh wow that cover of Daughter- amazing!

    Ship is awesome too.

    1. I love those covers so much too!

  8. I enjoy romance but I am not a huge fan of fantasy. However, I did read Come Back to Me by Jody Hedlund and really enjoyed it…so maybe there is hope for me yet, LOL! Nice topic for today.

    1. Oh I’ll need to check out Come Back To Me, I don’t think I know that one so thanks for the rec!

  9. I really like the sound of A Ship of Bones and Teeth but the last Karina Halle book I read I didn’t like so I’m not sure!

    1. Oh you are the second person that has had some less positive experiences with a Karina Halle book! I haven’t read anything by her yet, but this does sound good so hopefully it’ll be a good read…

  10. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    Well I love all the ones that you have read and want to read the Hurricane Wars too!

    1. The Hurricane Wars does sound so good!

  11. I’m not big on romance or fantasy novels, so I haven’t even heard of most of these. I hope you enjoy the ones you haven’t read yet!

    Happy TTT!


    1. Thanks! 🙂

  12. This is a new genre for me. I’m super intrigued by this type of story. And the covers are gorgeous! 😀

    1. I hope you’ll find some great new reads in this genre if you decide to give it a try 🙂

  13. The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy was good. <3

    1. It was such a good read indeed!

  14. I hope you love the ones you haven’t read yet!

    1. Thanks!

  15. I need to pick up The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy soon. So glad you enjoyed!

    1. I loved The Undertaking of Ha and Mercy, hope you will too!

  16. Love fantasy but not a huge fan of romance so romantasy as a genre isn’t really for me. I did read ACOTAR and liked it fine, I enjoyed ACOMAF more but I DNF’ed ACOWAR. I think I’ve kind of just gone off SJM as an author though, her books all just started feeling very same-y to me!
    My TTT:

    1. I get that about SJM, but I still enjoy her books overall even despite a few grievances 🙂

      1. I’m glad you do! I did enjoy them a lot for a while, my tastes have just changed in the last few years.

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