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My 10 Favorite 2022 Songs (Part One)

Fave 2022 Songs Part 1

Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Something Different Sunday, in which I talk about, well, something DIFFERENT than books. 

Since we’re officially reaching the end of the year, it’s time to bring out the lists, and today I’m listing my 10 favorite songs of 2021 (part one – part two will as usual be focusing specifically on kpop songs).

Against The Current – Wildfire

For the second year in a row an Against The Current song is my favorite and I am definitely okay with that.

“They say it started like a wildfire
I feel it spreading in a new way ’bout right now
Change the game, build an empire
If you’re ready, we can spark it up
We can spark this all right now”

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All Time Low – Sleepwalking

Another band that was on my list last year, but hey, they just keep releasing these bops so I just keep adding them to my list.

“Wide awake but it just feels wrong
Stay in bed ’til a whole year’s gone
Wake me up when it’s over
Feel like I’m sleepwalking when you’re gone”

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Baby Queen – Colours of You

So honestly, the entire Heartstopper soundtrack has been on repeat all year because I was/am just a tiny bit obsessed. But also, it’s just so good!

“I speak in grey to match the shade on the inside of my brain
I decay when my tongue touches the edges of your name
White lies are coloured by context
And oh my god, I’ve lost my innocence”

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Dove Cameron – Breakfast

Dove Cameron has the villain vibe down to a T and I am here for it. I LOVED both Breakfast and Boyfriend this year, but I’m highlighting Breakfast here because the video concept just hits so hard.

“I eat boys like you for breakfast
One by one hung on my necklace
And they’ll always be mine
It makes me feel alive”

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Tyler Posey – Shut Up (ft Phem and Travis Barker)

I have to say, I’m loving Tyler Posey’s music lately but especially this Shut Up from the beginning of 2022 has been on repeat pretty much all year long.

“I wish you’d open up your window
Letting all the air go
Out of this room, it’s heavy
It’s never fucking ending”

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One Ok Rock – Save Yourself

One Ok Rock is one of my favorite bands – I’ve been loving all of their releases and their latest album was once again full of hits so really I’m just highlighting one of many here.

“I’m caught up in a current, babe
Heartbreak games, you won’t play
It’s obvious you don’t need me
That’s okay, drift away”

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Sigrid and Bring Me The Horizon – Bad Life

This song has such a nineties vibe to me and I love it. Who knew Bring Me The Horizon could fit in such an emotional pop song, but they really do.

“When the world is on your shoulders
And the weight of your own heart is too much to bear
Well, I know that you’re afraid things will always be this way
It’s just a bad day, not a bad life”

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Omar Rudberg – Breathe

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may know that I became obsessed with this Swedish TV show called Young Royals and I’m very happy that it introduced me to Omar Rudberg. I’ve been especially enjoying the song Breathe from his 2022 album release and I may or may not have been imagining it as a soundtrack to Young Royals scenes…

“It’s gotta be that you remind me of
Every single song on the radio
You’re the type of melody I can’t live without”

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Paramore – This Is Why

2022 has been the year of comebacks for sure. My favorite of them all though has got to be Paramore. To be fair, I didn’t like this song at first. The seventies vibe put me off at first, but after a few listens it turned around completely because now I LOVE IT. Also, the lyrics? So relatable.

“This is why I don’t leave the house
You say the coast is clear
But you won’t catch me out
Oh, why? This is why”

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Sleeping With Sirens – Be Happy (ft Royal & the Serpent)

And yet another one of my favorite bands had a comeback this year and my favorite song of the new album definitely has to be this collab with Royal & the Serpent as it’s just such a powerful song and the vocals just fit so well together.

“I saw the light when I was young
I always knew that I would be someone
But I fall short and I fucked things up
And now I’m paying for all these things I’ve done”

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Oh wow, this was difficult this year! (which is a good problem to have of course). I still need to shout out some extra artists and songs, because they just didn’t make the list, but they still made my year:

Tell Me:
What were some of your favorite songs of 2022?
Do we have any in common?

Lindsey xoxo

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  1. It’s been a year of great music! I like a lot of those songs too 😊.

    1. It’s definitely been a great year for music!

  2. Wow, I haven’t listened to All Time Low in YEARS! πŸ˜‚ What a throw back! This is my first time listening to Tyler Posey but I dig this song and Wildfire is a great song too. Thanks for putting these tracks on my radar! πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Haha indeed! 2022 has definitely been such a throwback year when it comes to music but I am very okay with that πŸ˜€

  3. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    Bad Life and Breakfast are two big favorites of mine too!

    1. Both such great songs! <3

  4. This was fun! I love that Dove Cameron song. I hadn’t really heard the others, so it was fun to listen. Travis Barker on drums is going to make a song a hit no matter what.

    1. Breakfast and Boyfriend are two amazing songs! And indeed, Travis Barker on drums is always a good idea πŸ™‚

      1. Yes! They are!

  5. All of these songs were new to me so it was fun to hear them all. Anti-Hero was probably my favorite song this year.

    1. Anti-Hero was so good, any Taylor album is gold at this point πŸ™‚

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