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All About Book Series: The Ones I Want More Of, The Ones That Are Perfect As They Are & The Ones That Could Have Been Shorter…

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Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday post! Today’s post was supposed to be completed series I wish had more books, but honestly I was struggling A LOT with this topic. Most of the time, I’m pretty happy with how a series ends and I don’t need more. And of course, I have been burned before with beloved series continuing or having spin-offs, only for me to end up disappointed with them. Usually, I’m okay with a series ending and I don’t necessarily need more. So for this post, I decided to split it up into 3 parts:

  • Series that were perfect, BUUUT I wouldn’t mind if there were more installments (even if it scares me)
  • Series that were absolutely perfect as is and I don’t need them to be continued
  • Series that I even think could have been a bit shorter and I’d have been perfectly happy with it

So let’s go!

Perfect, BUT wouldn’t mind if there was more

The Red Winter series by Annette Marie – there are 3 books and it’s my all-time favorite story so I’m a bit hesitant because I wouldn’t want to ruin the perfectness with more books, but also I wouldn’t say no to more Emi, Shiro and Yumei adventures and I would definitely trust Annette Marie to make it work if she chose to extend the series.

The Guild Codex: Demonized series by Annette Marie – there are 4 books in this series and just like with Red Winter it was a perfect series, BUUUT I’m also constantly missing Robin and Zylas and wouldn’t mind reuniting with them.

The Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab – kind of cheating here because V.E. Schwab is currently writing more books in this world, but still it’s a series I’d love to get more of AND I trust V.E. Schwab to get it right.

Perfect as is

The Green Creek series by TJ Klune (4 books and some novellas) – I may have switched between the above category and this one a few times, but in the end I think this series ended perfectly and doesn’t need more (even if I miss the characters and their pack like crazy)

The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost (7 books and some novellas) – As much as I LOVE Cat and Bones, I feel lik their story came to a perfect end for them and I wouldn’t want to ruin that by continuing the story any longer. Besides, there are still plenty of spin-offs and cameo opportunities for me to see them.

The Wild series by K.A. Tucker (3 books + 1 novella) – I’m mostly talking about Calla and Jonah’s story here, because I still need to read book 3 (Marie’s story), but concerning Calla and Jonah I’m perfectly content with how it ended!

The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas (7 books + novellas) – Again, as much as I miss Celaena and the gang, I feel like continuing this series would undermine the perfectness of the series as is, so I’m happy to keep it this way.

Ehh, could have been a bit shorter maybe?

The Bargainer series by Laura Thalassa (3 books) – I LOVED the first book, but I felt like the second and third book could have been condensed into 1 book.

The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi (6 books) – I ADORED the original trilogy and was beyond excited it was getting more books because I felt like the ending was a bit open and I wanted more. But by the time I read book 4, I just didn’t enjoy it as much anymore. And then I never read books 5 and 6. Perhaps they could have recaptured the original magic and I still need to give them a try though (Anyone who read all 6 with any insight on this?)

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare (6 books) – I’m not talking about the spin-offs (Infernal Devices, Dark Artifices) here because I loved those, but I’m talking about the original Mortal Instruments series. Again, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the original trilogy, but then it was extended with 3 more books and I just felt like those dragged on and on. The only thing I liked about the 3 last books was that they introduced/had cameos for some characters for the spin-offs…

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Tell Me:
How do you feel about finished book series?
Do you usually want more, less or are you happy with them as they are?

Lindsey xoxo

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  1. I like the way you sorted them all out. 🙂

    My post:

    1. Thanks! 🙂

  2. With The Simple Wild, I’d actually be happy with more. Yes, I think Calla and Jonah’s story has been told… but I’d still keep reading about them. 🙂 I finally gave up on the Shatter Me series. I read the original trilogy but never continued with the later books.

    1. I was hesitating a bit with putting The Simple Wild in the ‘want more’ or ‘perfect as is’ section, but in the end I chose ‘perfect as is’. Though I wouldn’t mind more either as I love those characters so much, but I am also satisfied with how they wrapped up their stories, especially with the novella.

  3. I love how you modified the topic! I struggled with it so I went rogue but I would love more stories with the crew from ADSOM or spinoffs or something set in those Londons. I still have to read The Simple Wild books but I’m glad Jonah and Calla’s story was satisfying 🙂 Great post!

    1. Thanks! It definitely wasn’t an easy topic, I needed to modify it for sure. I do love the ADSOM trilogy and how it was wrapped up, but also I’m so excited we’re getting more!

  4. I’m generally quite happy with finished book series as long as they end in a way I find satisfying! I loved the Shades of Magic trilogy and wouldn’t have been super upset if VE Schwab had left it there, but I’m equally super happy that we’re getting more books in the Shades world and I will be DEVOURING THEM ALL. I definitely wouldn’t really want more Throne of Glass books because I felt the way it ended was perfect and I think more books would ruin that.
    My TTT:

    1. Me too, usually I’m happy with finished book series too. I totally agree about the Shades of Magic trilogy, it would have been an amazing trilogy if left at that, but at the same time I’m super excited to read more! And Throne of Glass definitely was a satisfying ending and I don’t need more (except perhaps some Manon spin-off, but also there I’m content with her ending too)

  5. Having more books in the Demonized series would be A DREAM! And I agree that 7 books and the novellas are perfect for Night Huntress. We also have The Other Half of the Grave so we can’t really complain there! Also agree with Shatter Me. I read the original trilogy and by the time the other books came out I wasn’t that interested in them so I never did read those.

    1. There could be so many more shenanigans in Robin and Zylas’s future, I’d just love to read all about them 🙂 And yes, I loved The Other Half of the Grave and I think she was also going to write the second book from Bones’ POV so I’m super excited about that! I feel the same with Shatter Me, a pity because I really loved the first 3 books.

  6. The only one of these I’m familiar with is the Shades of Magic, which I haven’t even completed yet. I believe I included that on MY list as part of the “I want to finish these series'” 🙂
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

    1. I hope you’ll enjoy the ending of the Shades of Magic series then (but also be excited for the new books coming in this world 🙂 )

  7. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    I should have thought of Red Winter Lindsey!!

    1. I loved the ending of Red Winter, but I’d also LOVE more Emi, Shiro and Yumei!

  8. I’m really happy with the way Jonah and Calla’s story finished up as well. Red Winter made my list this week too!

    1. Yes, I would love to read more Jonah and Calla, but I’m satisfied with how their story was wrapped up. Red Winter was a satisfying ending too, but there I DEFINITELY still want more 🙂

  9. This is an interesting way of doing this! Love it.

    1. Thanks!

  10. Most of the time I’m pretty content with the way series end. I mean, sure we’d like more if we LOVE the characters, but sometimes it ruins things more than excites. 🙂

    1. I feel the same! I mean, part of me will indeed always want more, but I’d rather have a shorter but satisfying series than one that’s drawn out and it ruins the enjoyment.

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