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Time Loop Shenanigans — See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon {Book Review}

See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Title: See You Yesterday
Author: Rachel Lynn Solomon
Simon Schuster
Release Date: May 17th, 2022
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Genre: New Adult – Contemporary – Romance

My rating in stars: 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

My rating in words: 
I loved it!

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Barrett Bloom is hoping college will be a fresh start after a messy high school experience. But when school begins on September 21st, everything goes wrong. She’s humiliated by the know-it-all in her physics class, she botches her interview for the college paper, and at a party that night, she accidentally sets a frat on fire. She panics and flees, and when she realizes her roommate locked her out of their dorm, she falls asleep in the common room.

The next morning, Barrett’s perplexed to find herself back in her dorm room bed, no longer smelling of ashes and crushed dreams. It’s September 21st. Again. And after a confrontation with Miles, the guy from Physics 101, she learns she’s not alone—he’s been trapped for months.

When her attempts to fix her timeline fail, she agrees to work with Miles to find a way out. Soon they’re exploring the mysterious underbelly of the university and going on wild, romantic adventures. As they start falling for each other, they face the universe’s biggest unanswered question yet: what happens to their relationship if they finally make it to tomorrow?

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MY THOUGHTS (spoiler-free):

“I could wake up on the same day a thousand times, and every single one would be different because of you. Every single one would be life-changing. Because of you.

See You Yesterday was my first Rachel Lynn Solomon book, after having seen many rave reviews for her previous books. She’s a beloved author in the blogosphere and after finishing See You Yesterday I can completely see why. I will for sure be checking out her backlist now because I fell head over heels in LOVE with See You Yesterday.

How do I love See You Yesterday? Let me count the ways…
Yes, that’s a super cheesy reference to the book, but hey, it’s also super fitting here so just let me have this 😉

ONE – Amazing flawed yet likeable, complex characters

Though it took me a few chapters to warm up to our main lead Barrett, I grew increasingly fond of her throughout the book, until I just flat out adored her. Barrett is awkward yet blunt, weird yet kind. She’s a massive dork who has had an awful high school experience and is hoping college will be different. Her character journey was at times a bit frustrating, but always realistic (taken into account their situation). I loved her as a main lead.

And then there’s Miles, our male main lead. He also took me a few chapters to warm up to, because at first he comes across as an irritating, uptight know-it-all, but as I got to know him better I fell for him just as Barrett did – he’s serious and nerdy but also super sweet and considerate and sensitive and… yep, new fictional crush right here.

TWO – Time loops, baby!

So we have these two loveable characters, now let’s insert them in one of the best plots ever: the TIME LOOP. That’s right, Barrett and Miles both end up stuck having to relive the same day over and over again, Groundhog Day-style. This plot is just fantastical in and of itself, but I also really enjoyed the twist Rachel Lynn Solomon gave to it. There’s a little mystery element to it as our main characters try to find a way out of this time loop – library research, righting wrongs, finishing unfinished business, living life to the fullest… they try it all and that’s what makes the story so fun and fresh. We’re right there with Barrett and Miles as they try to make sense of it all. Watching their antics was hilarious and yet there’s also always a weight to the story – what if they’ll never get back to their normal timeline, or what if they do and everything’s different? It was just such a genius way to handle this time loop plotline.

THREE – Sloooowww-burn romance

You know, there’s nothing that quite gets to me as much as a good slow-burn romance and See You Yesterday DELIVERED! Barrett and Miles definitely get off on the wrong foot at first, so there’s a hint of enemies-to-lovers, but as they’re thrown together by their unique situation they really start to connect. They’ve both been lonely and weighed down by their respective troubles but together they’re really there for each other. Seeing them go from strangers to friends to lovers was the most adorable journey. And the banter, oh the banter <3

If I’d had to say one minor dislike, it would be that I felt the book could have been a few pages shorter. (I know, I know, if it were shorter I’d probably say I wanted more…). But I felt the story dragged just a teensy bit in the middle and could have been just a little bit shorter.

Overall though, I ADORED this book. I already know it’ll be a favorite that I’ll re-read on a regular basis. Miles and Barrett have taken up their spot in my heart and they’re here to stay. I highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of time-loop stories, amazing character development and a sweet slow-burn romance with so much chemistry and banter.

Four and a half stars
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  1. Stephanie - Bookfever says:

    I love any story, whether it’s in a book, movie or tv show that has a time loop. And of course I’m a fan of a good slow burn romance as well so this sounds like an amazing read! 😍

    1. Me too, time loops are always so fun to read/watch!

  2. This sounds like a fun book. I’ve never read a “Groundhog Day” type story, but I do like the idea of it.

    1. Oh, then I think this would be a fun introduction to the Groundhog Day-style of story 🙂 I hope you’ll love it if you decide to give it a try!

  3. I love a good time loop!

    1. Time loops are always so much fun!

  4. Yay, so glad to hear this was a winner for you as well. I adored Barrett and Miles. 🙂

    1. They were such amazing characters! Can’t wait to read more Rachel Lynn Solomon.

  5. This one sounds so fun! Time loops can be hit or miss for me, but I love how you explained it here.

    1. I do tend to always love time loop stories, but this one felt like a fun, unique take on the trope 🙂

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