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So I Read TikTok’s Most Hyped Sci-Fi Romance Prepared To Mock It… But It Wasn’t Bad? — Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon {Book Review}

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Title: Ice Planet Barbarians
(Ice Planet Barbarians #1)
Author: Ruby Dixon
Ruby Dixon
Release Date: April 3rd, 2015
Standalone/Series: Series
Genre: Adult – Romance – Sci-Fi

My rating in stars: 

Rating: 3 out of 5.

My rating in words: 
Flawed but surprisingly enjoyable

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You’d think being abducted by aliens would be the worst thing that could happen to me. And you’d be wrong. Because now, the aliens are having ship trouble, and they’ve left their cargo of human women – including me – on an ice planet.

And the only native inhabitant I’ve met? He’s big, horned, blue, and really, really has a thing for me…

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MY THOUGHTS (spoiler-free):

I wasn’t sure at first whether I wanted to post this review. It’s so different from my usual reads and I may have felt a little embarassed about reading this… But then I thought: I SAY NO TO BOOK SNOBISM AND I WILL NOT BE A JUDGEY READER! And why not share a read that’s so very different? So here we are!

Let me give you some backstory first:

I recently, finally downloaded TikTok and discovered Booktok (only in a lurking capacity for now). And though a lot of the hyped books on TikTok are the exact same books as the ones around the blogosphere, bookstagram or book twitter, I have to say that I also discovered some new-to-me reads. Books I’d never heard of before. One of those books, AND one of the most hyped books on Booktok is this smutty blue alien sci-fi romance book. The first times I saw it, I quickly scrolled past, maybe laughed at it a bit. Because to be honest, normally I would NOT pick this up. The cover is just awful and the premise felt like it was just too weird for me. And yet…

And yet my curiosity got the best of me (as well as my quest to step out of my reading comfort zone). So I downloaded book one, fully prepared to laugh my way through it. And I did laugh, but in a good way? Actually, this was a really fun and entertaining read! While definitely not for everyone and while you should not expect award-winning literature either, if you go into it expecting a quick, fun and smutty romance featuring blue, horned aliens? Umm, it’s a pretty solid read…

For those of you who are only now hearing about this book, here’s what it’s about. Imagine you went to sleep one ordinary night, but instead of an ordinary morning, you wake up in the cargo hold of an alien ship, still wearing your PJ’s. You’re surrounded by other women, warning you to be quiet and informing you you’ve been in fact abducted by aliens and the future looks very grim. But just when you’re trying to rally the women and stage a coup, the ship (or at least the cargo bay) crash lands on an unknown cold ice planet. Instead of waiting around for the creepy little green men to come back, you decide to swipe some clothes and venture outside in search of help. Only you end up accidentally captured by a big, blue, horned humanoid alien. You don’t speak each other’s language but he’s helping you out, is verrry affectionate and actually kind of attractive? That’s pretty what happens to Georgie in Ice Planet Barbarians. Hooked? So was I.

Now, as I said, it’s a flawed read. The characters are a little bland and DEFINITELY not freaking out enough about having been abducted by aliens. Also, a little too accepting of having been abducted by aliens and living on an ice planet for the rest of their lives. There’s also the mate-trope which I’m personally always a little iffy about and a rape scene that should have just been left out.

But there’s also lots to like. The worldbuilding is actually well done and the story moves along at a quick and addictive pace. It’s a short read and you’ll know pretty early on whether you like it or not. The smutty scenes were very present, but there’s also still an actual plotline and things happening that aren’t smut. And it’s pretty funny. Also, while the title alludes to barbarians, the blue aliens are actually quite gentlemanly, which I thought was nice and refreshing!

Also, this is actually a series (20-ish books!). I immediately dived into books 2 and 3 after this, because I wanted to know what would happen to the other characters. And they were equally enjoyable. But for now, I’ve had enough. I’ve read it, my curiosity was sated and I’m ready to move on. Though it’s quite possible I’ll pick up more books in the series whenever the mood strikes or I’m feeling a little slumpy.

So do I recommend this? Well, if you read the blurb and my review and are like ‘Wait, blue alien smut, really? No thanks!’, then no, this probably won’t be for you. But if you’re just the slightest bit curious, like I was, then by all means, give it a try!

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  1. Haha, it’s pretty awesome that it ended up being a good read, because it does sound and look a bit cringey!

    1. Haha, I know, but it was surprisingly enjoyable after all šŸ™‚

  2. That’s how Ruby gets you! LOL You start to really care about the other women and what happens to them and the world building continues to grow. Every single person in the books, up to and including all of the tribe members, is a fully fleshed out character with motivations and backstory and you end up loving all of them šŸ™‚ Yep, I’m a huge Ruby Dixon fan. I’m glad the first few books kept you entertained, that’s awesome! Liz is a fabulous, fierce character, I love her so much.

    1. Oh yes indeed! At first I only wanted to try the first book, but then I wanted to read Liz and Kira’s stories too. And after Kira I said it was enough for now, but now I’m already itching to read Harlow’s story… it’s so addictive! Liz is indeed one of my favorite characters so far, she’s awesome šŸ™‚

  3. Stephanie - Bookfever says:

    I have this one on my Kindle, waiting for me to read it. Maybe soon šŸ˜

    1. Ooh hope you’ll enjoy this one, it’s definitely addictive haha šŸ™‚

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