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Sequels, Finales & Cats — My Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2020 {Top Ten Tuesday}

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Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

Today’s all about the releases in the second half of 2020 we’re most excited for, and boy am I excited about some of these releases! It’s also a little funny and awe-inspiring that 3 of these are by the same author… Without further ado, let’s jump into the list!


Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors by Annette Marie & Rob Jacobsen

Release date: August 7th

Another spin-off in the Guild Codex series! I’m not usually a fan of spin-off series, but I’ve loved every single book by Annette Marie so far so I have high hopes for this new series about the trouble-making Kit and his by-the-books MPD partner, Lienna.

Annette Marie Website

Delivering Evil for Experts by Annette Marie

Release date: September 18th

It’s the finale in the Demonized series and I AM EXCITED AND NERVOUS!

Annette Marie Website

Damned Souls and a Sangria by Annette Marie

Release date: October 2nd

It’s the finale in the Spellbound series and I AM EXCITED AND NERVOUS PT2!


Vicious Spirits by Kat Cho Blood and Honey by Shelby Mahurin Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Vicious Spirits (Gumiho #2) by Kat Cho

Release date: August 18th

The sequel to Gumiho, with more Korean mythology and with a bigger role for the mysterious Junu… Yes please! Also, this cover is so pretty!

Blood & Honey by Shelby Mahurin (Serpent & Dove #2)

Release date: September 1st

I fell in love with Lou and Reid in book one and I need more of the witch/witch hunter couple right now.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Release date: September 1st

This is the story of a Latinx trans boy who wants to prove himself as a brujo but ends up accidentally summoning a wrong ghost… and falling in love with said ghost. YES PLEASE!

Iron Heart by Nina Varela The Ninth Life by Taylor B. Barton The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

Iron Heart by Nina Varela (Crier’s War #2)

Release date: September 8th

I loved the first book in this F/F sci-fi about Automae and the humans they oppressed and I can’t wait for the sequel!

The Ninth Life by Taylor B. Barton

Release date: September 15th

Admittedly, this story sounds VERY weird: it’s about a cat who loved a girl so much, he makes a deal to spend his ninth and final life as a human so he can be with her. But then he wakes up in the body of a seventeen year old boy and finds himself drawn to his handsome roommate. This’ll either be AMAZING or too weird for me, but I’m eager to find out which one it’ll be!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

Release date: October 6th

Two things:
One: the story is about a young woman makes a bargain to live forever and is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets.
Two: it’s written by V.E. Schwab.
That’s all I need to know, really.

Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett Rent A Boyfriend by Gloria Chao

Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer

Release date: November 3rd

Marissa Meyer releasing a young adult contemporary has gotten the entire book community hyped, and I’m no exception. I’m so eagerly anticipating this story about a girl suddenly gifted with the ability to cast instant karma on those around her. SOUNDS SO GOOD!

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett

Release date: November 10th

Look, I wanted to read this when it was still supposed to be released in May. In the meantime, I’ve only gotten more excited to read it. I need more friends-to-lovers trope in my life so naturally I like the idea of former childhood best friends reuniting and becoming something more.

Rent A Boyfriend by Gloria Chao

Release date: November 10th

I just read “romantic comedy about a college student who hires a fake boyfriend to appease her traditional Taiwanese parents, to disastrous results, from the acclaimed author of American Panda” and I liked every single thing about this description. Also, that cover!

Tell Me:
What book releases are you looking forward to in the second half of 2020?

PS: I seem to be having some commenting issues. I hope it’s fixed by now, but please let me know through a quick Twitter or Instagram message if your comment is not coming through so I can check it. Thank you!

Lindsey xoxo

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  1. I know I’ve said it before but I really want to read a Annette Marie book. Can you tell me which one is the best to start with? 😀

    I can now be found at:

    1. Ooh tough question! I’d suggest starting with the Guild Codex: Spellbound series, because it’s a fun urban fantasy that gives a good idea of what you can expect from her writing. If you’d prefer more mythology and epic fantasy though, I’d recommend Red Winter, which is my personal favorite 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy!

  2. The cover for Ironheart is amazing!

    1. It is indeed such a pretty cover!

  3. This is a test. I’m having some trouble with comments that are not coming through, so please bear with me while I try to fix it!

  4. I’m SO EXCITED for Blood and Honey! I need more Lou and Reid in my life

    1. Yes, I so agree! I miss Lou and Reid already 🙂

  5. I have yet to read a book by Jenn Bennett, even though I own several, but Chasing Lucky sounds so good! I’m sure I’ll be adding it, too. 🙂 Happy Reading!

    1. Hope you’ll enjoy Jenn Bennett books, and hope we’ll both love Chasing Lucky 🙂

  6. Annette Marie is really cranking out the books and they sound so fun. Need to try her and Bennett also.

    1. Haha yeah, Annette Marie is really spoiling us 🙂 Bennett is definitely such a great author as well!

  7. Rent a Boyfriend sounds like such a fun read.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by earlier!

    1. It does sound like a fun read!

  8. Great list! I’m so excited for Cemetery Boys, and I really need to try Annette Marie’s work.

    1. I’m so excited for Cemetery Boys as well! I hope you’ll love Annette Marie’s books when you pick them up!

  9. I totally didn’t know that Chasing Lucky got pushed back – thanks for letting me know!

    1. I understand their decisions to push back some books, but the anticipation is definitely not lessening haha 🙂

  10. Addie Larue made my list this week too, and I’m also very excited for Instant Karma and Chasing Lucky. I probably won’t get to those Annette Marie series but I definitely planning to continue with the Red Winter series this summer and fall. Just snagged books 2 and 3 not too long ago. 🙂

    1. Hope Addie Larue, Instant Karma and Chasing Lucky will live up to our expectations 🙂
      I’m so happy to hear you’ll continue the Red Winter trilogy! It was my first Annette Marie series and to date still my favorite <3

  11. I’ve only read one by Jenn Bennett so far but it was enough to convince me that I wanted to read more. Friends to lovers is my favorite so I’m pretty excited for Chasing Lucky, too.

    1. I’m the same with Jenn Bennett books! So looking forward to Chasing Lucky!

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