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From Packing Habits to Spending Habits — Ten Obvious Signs That You’re A Book Lover {Top Ten Tuesday}

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Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

Today I’m listing a few easy signs to help you diagnose yourself with bookloveritis. Ten symptoms any book lover will definitely recognize!

Of course, this post is meant to be for fun and is no definite guide to book lovers, as they come in different shapes and sizes and really there is only one main criteria for being a book lover: you’ve gotta love books!

(Also, I found all of these memes on Pinterest and claim no ownership)

You always have at least one book with you

Leaving the house without a book makes you feel uncomfortable somehow. So you always take at least one book with you, be it a physical copy, an ebook or an audiobook. Or even one of each! You know, just to be safe…

Signs You're A Book Lover

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You’re the person friends and family come to for book recommendations

Anyone in need of a book recommendation comes to you first. And even if they don’t ask for it, you’re more than happy to tell them exactly which books you think they’d love.

Signs You're A Book Lover

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You always get books for your birthday or holidays

You’re the easiest person in your family to shop for because you always have a huge wishlist of books ready for anyone who may ask. And for those that don’t ask, a book coupon is always a safe bet. Or bookish merch. You may joke about always getting the same thing, but really you don’t mind one bit….

Signs you're a book lover

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your secret dream is to open your own book shop and talk books all day

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just get paid to read books? And rave about books? No matter how much you may love your current job, the thought must have crossed your mind a few times, hasn’t it?

Signs You're A Book Lover

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You have been know to cancel social engagements so you can read instead

Look, friends and family are of course very important, but surely they understand that sometimes it is just absolutely CRUCIAL that you find out what happens to your favorite fictional characters RIGHT NOW and as such, have to cancel them. Right?

Signs You're A Book Lover

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You have more books on your TBR than you know you’ll ever be able to read in your life.

You often joke that your TBR pile may fall on top of you one day, but it’s actually becoming a valid possibility… And still you get more books. Let it never be said you don’t enjoy a challenge!

Ten Signs You're A Book Lover

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Your idea of retail therapy is a massive book haul.

Nothing quite brightens up your day like seeing a package arriving just for you! Or even better, browsing a bookstore for a few hours and going outside with a brand new pile of books to read. Whether or not you MEANT to leave with so many books or not is another question…

Ten Signs You're A Book Lover

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Your roommate/partner has expressed exasperation about your collection at one point or another

Your home is becoming filled with books in every nook and cranny and it’s driving anyone else living with you insane. And you keep calmly ignoring them. Look, you and your books are a package deal. Ain’t nobody gonna tell you to get rid of your books!

Signs You're A Book Lover

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You put more thought into the books you’re bringing with you on holiday than anything else

The thought of ending up without any reading material is pretty terrifying. So that suitcase better be filled up with books first, clothes second.

Signs you're a book lover

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You may be trying to save money, but all that goes away when you enter a bookstore

20 Euros for a t-shirt? RIDICULOUS!

Ten Signs you're a book lover

Tell Me:
Do you recognize yourself in any of these signs?

Lindsey xoxo

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  1. Wow so true. I would LOVE to have a bookstore. And yes to taking books on holiday too. then I almost never read them, cause we get busy doing stuff, but I always pack SEVERAL lol.

    1. Being a bookstore owner is the dream! Haha same, even if I don’t have time to read them, I’ve GOT TO have some books with me 🙂

  2. I don’t bring a book with me unless I know for sure that I’ll be able to read. ._. Especially with a toddler that is just practical.

    Every time I see an empty shop with something cute about it I always think how that would make a perfect sff book store. There is this one store here that has changed hands a few times and I always dream about it.

    1. Oh definitely, I can see that with a toddler it’s definitely not practical to bring a book. I just always have one because I read ebooks on my phone, and that’s always with me 🙂
      I dream about it too, like I can totally picture myself owning my own book store…

  3. Packing for a holiday – it’s always which books am I taking first.
    The rest can pack itself 🙂

    1. Haha yeah, the rest can totally pack itself 😉

  4. LOL that Barbie meme!! I can’t, LOL!!! That is so me on vacation!

    1. Haha same, the weight of my luggage is more books than clothes probably *oops*

  5. YES to all of these! 😀 ♥

    1. With these symptoms, being a book lover ain’t so bad 😉

  6. I definitely relate to almost all of these! My friends and family actually buy me books very rarely though, because they never know what books I actually have and are too scared of buying something I already have to get me new ones!

    1. Haha mine do too, but I actually take the liberty to already send them my wishlist a few weeks before my birthday or Christmas *noshame* 😀

  7. I mentioned the importance of selecting the right books when travelling on my list, too!

    1. It’s definitely very crucial 🙂

  8. Poinsettia says:

    I always take books with my when I go on vacation! My tbr is also totally out of control. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. Gotta have those books with me anywhere I go 🙂

  9. Definitely need a book with you at all times–especially on vacation! I don’t dream of opening a bookshop, but instead dream of writing books for a living. Close enough. Especially because writers read and talk about books all the time!

    1. Being a writer is definitely also the book lover dream!

  10. Ahahaa, you just described me (and everyone in this community 😀 )!!!! I just love being a book lover <3

    1. Being a book lover is the best!

  11. I’m totally the person recommending books to everyone!

    1. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it 😉

  12. Ha ha. I recognize ALL these signs. Especially the bookstore one. No matter how much I try to stop myself, I always ending up buying at least one book, usually more. Lots more.

    Happy TTT!


    1. Yeah, it’s definitely hard to hold back when faced with all those books 🙂

  13. I have to admit I did an ebook haul yesterday…

    1. Ebook hauls are amazing – I feel like I’m long overdue for a good haul as well 😉

  14. I love that last one – I tend to definitely spend more money on books and bookish things than almost anything else. LOL Also, I love the meme about calling the house a box. Ahhhh so true.


    1. Haha yeah, those two are ones I definitely relate to a lot myself 😀 Especially the box haha 😉

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