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And Thus, Fanfiction Was Born… – The Non-Canon Ships Of My Heart {Top Ten Tuesday}

20200211 Non-Canon Ships of my heart

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Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

This week is all about love and I decided to highlight some of the ships (as in relationships) that were sadly never meant to be (or survive).  They are non-canon.  A little definition:

“Simply put, “canon” or “canonical” is a word used to describe the official continuity of events and stories within a body of fictional works, while “non-canon” refers to anything that is not recognized as being part of the official timeline.”

So while these relationships didn’t happen in the actual story (or I have a few which did but were sadly not endgame)  I just love them so much that I’ll forever be sad about them. Thankfully, we do have fanfiction and they can live on in my head!

Death Note’s Light and L

Death Note

Look, I know this is not a romantic story in any way and that both these characters have other things on their mind than romance. Playing God and doling out justice and all that. But still I always felt like Light and L were soulmates in a way. If they wouldn’t be on opposite sides of this war, they’d be pretty good together. As friends, coworkers or yes, even romantically. I so wanted them to at least acknowledge this after the Yotsuba amnesia-arc… But at least I have fanfiction to get the HEA I’d want – I especially love this fanfiction called I Won’t Say and re-read it regularly.

Harry Potter’s Hermione and Draco

Draco Hermione

I just love a good enemies-to-lovers romance, okay? This could have been just that. I know when I first read the Harry Potter series I did love Ron and Hermione. And I still do. It’s just – there are other options that could have made the series even better. This could have been combined with the Draco redemption arc we all deserved.

Harry Potter’s Hermione and Fred or George Weasley

fred hermione

I love Hermione and the twins were always my favorite characters in the series and as such I think they deserved more scenes. But this is one of those ship options that I have always loved. The combination would have been a bit weird maybe, but if done well, SO EPIC! Though it’s been ages, I can’t count all the Hermione/Fred of Hermione/George fanfic I used to read.

Harry Potter’s Remus and Sirius

Remus Sirius

As much as I love Tonks, I will ALWAYS love this ship more. I want more marauders and I’m sorry but this ship just feels so right to me. This should have been canon all along!

The 100’s Clarke and Bellamy


I know we have one more season and everything is still possible, but I’m not holding out too much hope. I shipped these two from season one and though their friendship has also touched my heart, I want more for them!

Sherlock’s Sherlock and John

Sherlock John

The bromance is awesome, but really this is obviously more than friendship. I don’t care how much John denies it, he loves this functional sociopath.

Friends’s Rachel and Joey

Rachel Joey

I’m sorry, don’t shoot me, but Rachel and Joey should have ended up together okay? Ross was no good for Rachel. Joey was obviously the better choice and I will never forgive the writers for just using Rachel/Joey as a stepping tool for Rachel/Ross version 289.

Star Wars’s Poe and Finn

poe finn

Side note: I haven’t seen the final Star Wars yet, but I’m pretty sure this ship won’t be canon. But it should be. I mean, that lip bite! Both the actors are fans of the ship, and I feel like it’s such a missed chance to not go down that road.

Gossip Girl’s Blair and Dan

blair dan

Though I loved the Blair/Chuck ship at first, it gradually grew more and more toxic and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. But Blair and Dan? I loved how they had their own little enemies to friends to lovers arc. It was so cute and refreshing and I sincerely hoped it would have been endgame. But alas, Blair went back to Chuck and I never watched Gossip Girl again.

Tell Me:
what are some non-canon ships you love? DO we have some in common?
Also, feel free to send me all the fanfic recs for these ships!

Lindsey xoxo

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  1. Despite its popularity, I think I’ve only ever seen one episode of Gossip Girl. I have a feeling I could get easily pulled in, but to be honest, with all of the TV shows I watch, I’m not sure I should. 😉

    1. I used to be addicted to Gossip Girl, but the last 1-2 seasons disappointed me and I never finished *oops*

  2. I might have just had a physical reaction to Rachel and Joey. Lol. For me, they didn’t have any chemistry. I could have seen Rachel and Chandler together before Rachel and Joey. But I’m a hardcore Rachel and Ross fan. 😉 What a fun post!

    1. Haha sorry about that physical reaction 😉 It’s probably an unpopular opinion, but I never was a huge fan of Ross, so maybe that’s why.

  3. I could not watch friends with the rachel and ross train wreck to be honest. Rachel and Joey would have been the ultimate cutest thing.

    1. They would have been the cutest!

  4. Clarke and Bellamy so much *nods* They need to get ON with it. One season left… yeesh. Hermione and draco sounds kinda awesome too- I’ve only read the first book so obviously I don’t know all the details, but color me intrigued!

    1. It makes me so nervous that there’s only one season left of The 100! I loved this series so much, I need it to be great. And for Clarke and Bellamy to FINALLY get together 🙂

  5. Great list! A big yes to Poe and Finn and Sirius and Remus (both ships are canon in my head, tbh, although a part of me will always love Remus and Tonks too purely because there are some fanfiction writers who wrote that relationship better than Rowling did). I don’t know if it’s true, but I’m sure I once read somewhere that Hermione and Fred were initially going to end up together and Ron was going to get killed off, and then Rowling changed her mind? I have no way of knowing if that’s true, though.

    Also I completely agree with you about Rachel and Joey! They had so much chemistry by those final seasons, and I cannot STAND Ross. He’s so dismissive of Rachel’s ambitions – like he doesn’t want her going to work functions alone, but when he goes with her he basically spends the whole time making fun of how fashion is ‘unimportant’? – and he’s just not a particularly nice person. To Ross, Rachel has always been a kind of manic pixie dream girl, whereas Joey became Rachel’s friend first which, to me, made their relationship so much better. I’m still annoyed Rachel got off that plane.

    1. I haven’t read any Remus/Tonks fanfiction, but I did always really love Tonks! It’s just that Remus/Sirius feels more real in my head haha! Oh my, that alternate HP ending sounds painful yet also very intriguing? It definitely would have been unpredictable.
      You perfectly articulated my thoughts on Ross and Rachel! Ross was the worst and they just were so horrible together, while I felt that Joey and Rachel brought out the best in each other.

  6. I love this idea so much! Fanfiction has gotten me to love some many non-canon ships and even liked even more canon ships. This was so much fun to read.

    1. Fanfiction is pretty amazing indeed!

  7. Clark and Bellamy would have made such a great couple.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. They would be perfect together indeed!

  8. I always shipped Hermione with Percy because of how ambitious and smart he was. Fred or George would have been good choices for her, too, though.

    My TTT .

    1. Hermione and Percy would be a nice ship as well, they do have a lot in common! I just always loved the idea of her and Fred or George 🙂

  9. OH, I LOVE the idea of Hermoine and Draco! I admit I’m not huge on HP but I do love certain characters. I watched the movies for Draco’s dad–so hot. LOL TMI, I’m sure!

    1. Haha no TMI, I totally understand! 🙂

  10. I don’t care what anyone says or what’ll happen in the last season. Clare and Bellamy are soulmates in my opinion!

    1. They really are soulmates and if they don’t make it canon in the show I’ll just pretend it was anyway 🙂

  11. Harry Potter has so many great relationships in it, as you have shown here.

    1. So many options indeed 🙂

  12. Oh man…. Blaire and Chuck are perfect for each other– and deserve each other.

    And I’ll never not ship Ross/Rachel. Maybe Ross became annoying as the seasons went on, but in my head they’ll always be season 1 & 2 Ross/Rachel.

    I really hope if Hermione was going to like one of the twins it would’ve been George– otherwise ?
    My HP ship was always Hermione and Harry because I thought they had chemistry in the first movie. Then I read the books and thought maybe that wasn’t going to happen. I don’t like Hermione and Ron. That was okay for a teenage thing, but she’s too smart to end up with him.

    My fave non-canon ship is Cinder & Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles. They had so much chemistry!

    1. I do like season 1 and 2 Ross and Rachel, but in the later seasons I wasn’t anymore…
      I was never really into Harry and Hermione, but it would have made more sense than Ron and Hermione.
      I love Thorne and Cress, and Cinder and Kai, but you’re right that Thorne and Cinder had so much chemistry and would have worked really well together too!

  13. Yes to Remus and Sirius! There just seemed to be something extra between them!

    1. It’s such a missed opportunity!

  14. Rachel and Joey are definitely one I ship. I can’t honestly off the top of my head think of any of my favorite ships.And this is something I discuss quite often!
    I love Draco in general TBH, so I don’t want him with anyone but me. I used to read Draco fanfiction soooo much.

    Ash @ JennReneeRead

    1. Haha, I do understand shipping Draco with yourself too 🙂

  15. Haha, I forever love to pretend that Gossip Girl’s television adaptation just… never happened. The books were all about Blair/Nate/Serena (and literally everything was different from the show: ships, character development, etc) and I loathed Chuck/Blair from the start. (Yikes at male characters literally harassing two girls in the pilot episode alone.) AND THEN the show teased me with Dan/Blair and the development was so good and swoon worthy and then they just… decided to end the show in the most cringe-worthy and toxic ways. That being said, YESSS, FAN FICTION FOR THE WIN. I love so many of these ships FF but especially Dair. Basically sorry for the novel, I’m swooning, and I love FF. Great topic choice!

    1. I never read the books but I loved the tv show – at least in the beginning. Just when I wanted to stop with the show, they indeed gave us Dan/Blair and it was awesome and then they took it away – so I stopped watching for real. I’m happy to hear you also loved Dan/Blair though and I’ll have to check out some fan fiction on them!!

  16. I love this list! I’m right there with you on Sirius and Remus, Clark and Bellamy, and Finn and Poe.

    1. They are the best non-canon ships 🙂

  17. I love your list!! I’m with you on Light and L, Remus and Sirius, and Clarke and Bellamy. I also kind of like the idea of Fred or George and Hermione…

    Fanfiction is the best, honestly.

    1. Fanfiction is definitely the best! I really want to dive back into the world of fanfic and discover some great new (or old) gems.

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