Lindsey Reads Turns Four! — Blogoversary Give-Away

Lindsey Reads Turns Four!

Hi everybody! As you may have already understood from the title, this little blog is turning four years old today! Hooray!

Can you believe I’ve already been blogging for FOUR YEARS???

I definitely can’t. For sure it hasn’t always been easy. Between hiatusses, slumps (both reading and blogging) and just general anxiety, keeping a blog running is not an easy thing. But on the other hand, the return on investment (and I mean emotional) has been phenomenal. I met so many amazing people, discovered so mannnny great books and just overall had something to look forward to every day.

So…  this would be the perfect time to give something back. And that’s why I am organizing my FOURTH BLOGOVERSARY GIVEAWAY!

I will be giving away one book of your choice from The Book Depository.

The rules:

  • The giveaway is international, as long as The Book Depository ships to your country
  • You must be either over 18 years old, or have permission from your parents or legal guardian to give out your address.
  • Addresses will only be used to enter delivery information and will not be stored.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter
  • The giveaway will run until February 1st, 2020.
  • The winner will be contacted on February 2nd or 3rd, 2020.
  • The winner will be contacted per e-mail – if there is no reply in 5 days, another winner will be selected.
  • You can choose ONE book, for a maximum of € 20 from The Book Depository.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Or click here to go directly to the giveaway page

  2. And what is one book blogger you love and think I should definitely visit?

Lindsey xoxo

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  1. Congratulations, Lindsey! 4 years is an impressive amount of time, no matter whether you took a hiatus or not. I’m glad to have met you through blogging, because I’ve gotten so many good book & music recommendations from you!

    P.S. I think your instagram name in the giveaway thing is wrong? Either way, I’m following your lindsey_habets account, which I think is the right one, no?

    1. Thanks so much, Jolien! And likewise, I lost track of all the music and books I discovered through your blog!
      Thanks for the tip, You’re right about my instagram username! I checked and for some reason Rafflecopter does not show underscores? Weird, but I edited it to hopefully make it more clear 🙂

  2. John Smith says:

    I’m not sure what I would pick, but there are some graphic novels I have my eye on! And I’m definitely looking forward to reading the new Nicholas Sansbury Smith “Hell Divers” book!

    Congratulations on this great blogoversary!

    1. Thank you!

  3. Congrats on 4 years Lindsey! <3

    If I won, I think I'd choose A Heart So Fierce and Broken. And I recommend you check out Ruby Rae Reads: 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! <3 Ahh A Heart So Fierce and Broken, can't wait!

  4. Reese says:

    Congrats on 4 years! YAY!!!

    I’m not sure what I’d pick, maybe the Dirk Gently omnibus, Red White and Royal Blue, or the Abhorsen Chronicles… so many options!

    I really like Book Ballistic, because her reviews/lists are very personal and she keeps things short and simple, which makes things easier when you follow too many people!

    1. Thanks so much!

  5. bn100 says:

    Happy blogoversary! Not sure yet

    1. Thanks!

  6. Congrats on 4 years, Lindsey! That’s amazing!

    I think I’d pick either Red, White & Royal Blue or Bringing Down the Duke!

    1. Thanks so much, Angela! And ooh, two of my 2019 favorites, so great picks 😉

  7. Happy blogoversary!!! ?? Here’s to many more! ??

    1. Thanks so much!

  8. Congrats on four years! That’s fantastic!!

    A blogger that I love and you should visit: (not strictly a book blogger, but she blogs about books too!)

    As for what book I’d choose, I don’t know! Maybe Tunnel of Bones?


    1. Thanks so much! Ooh Tunnel of Bones would be a great pick 🙂

  9. Happy Blogoversary!

    1. Thank you!

  10. Happy Blogoversary Lindsey!

    1. Thank you!

  11. Lisa says:

    Happy Blogoversary and thanks for the giveaway! I love medical memoirs so I’d very much like to read Dear Life: A Doctor’s Story of Love and Loss by Rachel Clarke, which is out at the end of this month. I visit several book bloggers on a regular basis and one that I’d recommend that you visit is Shaz’s Book Blog:

    1. Thank you so much! Checking out Shaz’s Book Blog asap 🙂

  12. Megan S. says:

    Happy blogoversary – you are so kind! <3
    If I was lucky enough to win I think I'd pick In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid and a book blogger I really recommend is Paper Fury – she is wonderful! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’ll have to try In Another Life some day for sure! Also, yes, love Paper Fury 🙂

  13. Congrats on four years!

    1. Thanks!

  14. Betul says:

    Happy blogiversary!
    I would pick Badger By C M McKenna.
    Under The Covers Book Blog is one of my favorites.

    1. Thanks!

  15. Congratulations on 4 years! That’s really impressive <3 If I win, I'd love to pick My Plain Jane. Thanks for the chance 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!

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