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February 2019: The Month I Disappeared, But Now I’m Back (Almost) {Monthly Wrap Up}

February 2019

Hi everybody, and welcome to my February wrap up!

This isn’t going to be a huge wrap-up because – as you may have noticed – my blog activity kind of fizzled to zero this month. This is because I finally moved into our new home at the end of February and the weeks before and after that have been a whirlwind of activities to still get done, like painting, cleaning, packing, moving, unpacking, etc. I hope that things have now settled back into normal enough for me to get back into blogging actively, but to be honest, it’s still going to be a gradual process, so please be patient with me, my sporadic posting and terrible commenting etiquette just a liiittle while longer.

For now  though, here’s my February wrap up!

What I Read

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

The seven husbands of evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I listened to this on audiobook on the commute to work and back, and I got so entranced by it that I looked forward to going to work and didn’t mind getting delayed by traffic. I LOVED this book. Evelyn Hugo was such an interesting character and her story felt so real to me that I was even tempted to look up her movies (sadly, they’re not real). I loved the romance in the story (interestingly, not with any of her seven husbands), I loved the friendships, and I loved the depiction of fame and how it affected our heroine Evelyn, a bisexual woman of Cuban heritage. I’d recommend this to anyone. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn is worth ALL THE HYPE.

Rating: 5 stars

My Favorite Half-Night Stand by CHristina Lauren

Since I hardly had time to read any physical books in February, I wanted whatever I read to be light, fluffy and romantic. So Christina Lauren felt like the perfect choice, since I had read and loved so many of their other books already. But unfortunately, My Favorite Half-Night Stand turned out to be my least favorite of their books. I didn’t like the catfishing and the main heroine actually kind of frustrated and irritated me.

Rating: 3 stars

Blog features


On hiatus in February…

Quote It Wednesday

On hiatus in February…


GCS3 Two Witches and a Whiskey- AnnetteMarie GR

Two Witches and a Whiskey by Annette Marie

Book Blitz


Two Witches and a Whiskey by Annette Marie


Calendar Girls

Black History Month: Favorite Book by a Black Author


What I listened to

Itzy – Dalla Dalla

Part of me honestly feels like Dalla Dalla is a pretty generic pop song (it’s like they checked off all the boxes on ‘how to make a catchy pop song’) and yet, I haven’t stopped listening to it ALL MONTH. I love it.

Monsta X – Alligator

“Hello, I’m an alli-alligator.” Monsta X can do no wrong. Every single song they release is amazing.

Billie Eilish – Bury A Friend

I love when a song makes me feel like it’s Halloween in February. This song is dark and catchy and I love it.

What I Watched

Suspicious Partner

I feel like I’ve been watching this kdrama forever, since I started watching it mid January and still have 3-4 episodes to go, but I’m including it in this wrap up already. Don’t let the fact that it’s taking me forever to finish give you any bad ideas though, because I do love this show. It has the right amount of mystery, crime-solving, humor and romance that I like and I absolutely adore it. In fact, it reminds me a bit of While You Were Sleeping, which is my favorite kdrama, so that’s high praise.

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy

Fun fact: I LOVED My Chemical Romance and I knew Gerard Way had written The Umbrella Academy (which I unfortunately never read), but somehow it completely escaped my attention that the comics were being made into a tv show until the first season was on Netflix and I saw people raving about it on Twitter. Huh.  So first day after we moved into our new home and had some tv-time, I convinced my husband to watch the first episode and after that we binged the entire season in a week. I love superpowers and I love a group of misfits coming together to save the world, so this was just PERFECT to me. I already can’t wait for season two. Also, I love Klaus, Ben and Number Five.

Life update

Things that made me happy this month:

  • We FINALLY moved into our new home. Though we only started renovating in September, we actually got everything done fairly quickly, but it also means we gave up every weekend and most evenings to do it. So it’s been a tough and exhausting couple of months and I am just so thrilled we finally got to move in. And weirdly, I already feel quite at home and I don’t even miss our old home. So yay for that. Maybe, once I had time to get everything together, I’ll share some before and after pics of our home, so you guys can see everything we did.
  • I won a prize at work! Our team had a kick-off meeting earlier this month where we were all asked to share some ideas to benefit the company and the best idea would win a bottle of wine. I won! Even if I don’t drink wine, I can’t explain how good it feels just to be appreciated for my ideas and to get positive feedback on the work I do (this was not the case at all at my previous employment). I can feel my self-confidence slowly restoring itself again and it feels wonderful.
  • Sunshine! We had a few days of absolutely amazing spring-like weather here and it was glorious. I’m so ready for winter to be over.


  • CATCHING UP ON ALL THE BOOKS, MUSIC & TV I MISSED. I’d like to start with King of Scars, which I can’t believe I haven’t read yet.


  1. Ugh! I really need to read The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo. I’ve heard so much about it! I think I would love the book.

  2. Congrats on the new house and on the prize wine! I’m glad you liked Evelyn Hugo because I’m on a waitlist for it. Good luck with your goals. Happy March!

  3. Yay for finally being able to move into your house! It’s so nice to finally feel settled. We really enjoyed The Umbrella Academy, too!

  4. Congrats on moving into your new house. I love MCR and Gerard Way, and I always meant to read Umbrella Academy. I do hope to watch the show sometime soon though. I hear good things. Glad you liked it!


  5. I may give “Umbrella Academy” a chance at some point. Right now, I’m binging/watching WAY too many shows, and if I like something that’s new, typically I get lost in that for a while and ignore my other favorites. 😉 I like to finish at least one thing before starting a new TV show.

    CONGRATS on your move, Lindsey. Hope it went well, and WELCOME back to blogging. We look forward to having you back. 🙂

  6. Yeay for having moved into the house. That is always so exciting and stressful

  7. Congrats on getting all moved in and settled! We are about to go through a move over the summer and although I am beyond stoked, I know moving is never easy. I hope you’re able to read some good books now that you have some free time again! 🙂

  8. Lindsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just kind of reorganising after my lengthy disappearing act so I am not even phased with your teensy break. HOW IS THE NEW HOUSE? I hope that you’re loving it and that it’s all come together the way you had planned – although I know that it’s also pretty impossible for everything to be perfect!

    Hope to catch up with you properly soon – maybe over DEMON MAGIC!?!? Too much excitement for that too! Obviously. : )

    1. Di!! So good to see/read you! Ahh I’m glad you’re back! The house is coming together one bit at a time, but I’m already happy with everything we accomplished in 6 months and the rest will get done when it gets done 😉 Next up: a reading nook for me haha 🙂 And yeeeees we should definitely catch up over Demon Magic soon!!!

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