Quote It Wednesday

Unleash the Storm by Annette Marie {Quote It Wednesday}

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Hi everybody and welcome to a new Quote It Wednesday!

Did you know this is already my 18th Quote It Wednesday? So I think it is time and long overdue to share an Annette Marie quote, because I haven’t raved about her in a few… hours… 😉

The quote above is from the Steel and Stone series and is a much needed reminder for overthinkers such as myself.

What do you think about the quote?
Are you an overthinker?


  1. Love this quote! I reminds me I really need to read a Annette Marie book since I know you love her work so much.

  2. I love it and I think it will spare us a lot of stress because we can’t predict the distant future!

  3. This is such a relatable quote for me because I’m definitely an overthinker and it causes me so much stress.

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