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April 2018: The Month Of Clumsy Nymphs, Immortal Jinni and Scary Moms {Monthly Wrap Up}

April 2018

Hi everybody, and welcome to my April wrap up!

My April was weird in that I had the feeling that I read so much, but then with making this wrap-up it turned out I only read three books. Which is not bad, I just could have sworn I read more, you know? But it’s all good, I did get to watch a few movies  so you know I’ve been super productive. Ahem. So here’s what I was up to in April!

What I Read

The Blood Curse by Annette Marie The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

The Blood Curse by Annette Marie

Well, I’m back with another Annette Marie review. I’m calling it a review, but let’s be real: you’ll probably all be expecting another gushfest and truthfully… it totally is. It’s no surprise to anyone how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Annette Marie’s writing. I think she’s an amazing author who deserves so much more love and hype than she’s getting right now. But no worries, I’m here to love and hype her as much as I humanly can! Overall, The Blood Curse was a satisfying ending to an amazing trilogy. Though I say ending, I’m personally already counting down the days for the sequel bringing all the characters from the Spell Weaver and Steel and Stone series together. So if you’re tired of me gushing about Annette Marie books, I’m sorry, but I predict a LOT more gushing in the future!

Rating: 4 stars | Full review

The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury

I’ve had The Forbidden Wish on my bookshelf for almost two years now, and for some reason I never picked it up. Despite wanting to read it and despite being told it was good by many trusted fellow book bloggers, I just kept procrastinating and procrastinating (aka the story of 90% of my TBR). But this time I finally picked it up, started the first chapter and… finished it the next day. So conclusion: procrastination is bad. The Forbidden Wish is good. It’s definitely a must-read for anyone who loves the story of Aladdin, a gorgeous middle Eastern setting, lush and vivid writing, powerful magic, swoony romance and a lovely dash of girl power.

Rating: 4 stars | Full review

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

I picked up Big Little Lies because I really want to watch the tv show, but was determined to read the book first and saw some great reviews already for it. An adult contemporary / thriller is not something I regularly pick up, but I definitely should do it more because Big Little Lies was amazing. I loved every minute of it. The characters were deeply multi-dimensional, flawed, real and loveable (well, the three main characters were loveable anyway). The plot had me hooked from the very first chapter and the mystery was unpredictable and had me guessing until the very end. On to the tv show for me 🙂

Rating: 4,5 stars | Full review to follow

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Something Different Sunday

Favorite K-Pop Choreos

What I listened to

April was entirely made up of k-pop again, so I’m sorry if you were hoping this post might have contained something else music-related. But, really, these songs are soooo good!


NCT 2018 – Black On Black

I’ve been OBSESSED with this song, but mostly the choreography, ever since it came out this month. Even though it’s brand new, it already made it’s way on my favorite choreo’s.

Eric Nam – Honestly

Even though the lyrics are a little sad, this song makes me so happy. It feels so summery and perfect for driving on a warm summer night.

Twice – What is Love?

I thought I wasn’t really into cutesy, bubblegum pop, but I’m starting to think Twice is the exception because I LOVE their new song so much.

BTS – Don’t Leave Me

This song is just so unbelievably beautiful. The soft yet powerful rapping, Tae’s deep voice, Jungkook and Jimin driving the chorus and of course Jin’s amazing high notes. I love it.

What I Watched


Boys over Flowers

Boys over flowers

I got to borrow the dvd set of Boys over Flowers from a friend and I have been absolutely loving it so far. It’s a kdrama classic for a reason, that’s for sure. Am I loving it as much as some other dramas? No, it’s just a tad too over the top dramatic and tropey for me. BUT I am still quite addicted and want to keep watching this story about a regular girl who through circumstances gets to attend a prestigious school and becomes hesitant friends with the F4, the top richest and most powerful guys in school. It’s fun and entertaining and I have become quite attached to the cheesy theme song. Almost paaaaraadiiise…! Plus baby Lee Min Ho is cute.


annihilation pitch perfect 3 Thor Ragnarok


Annihilation is a movie with a super intriguing story, a top cast, awesome visuals and a scary, creepy atmosphere that is spot on. But I don’t think it’s my kind of movie just because I was creeped out so much and the story and ending kept swirling through my mind for days after watching. It’s one of those movies that mess me up and I need to balance with lots of sugary sweet fluff afterwards. But is this a great movie? Absolutely. Just not for me.


Pitch Perfect 3 on the other hand was not a great movie at all. I adore the first movie and I kind of like the second one, but this one was just a massive waste of my time. I wanted to stop watching halfway, but I just had to see if it got better. It didn’t. This was just over the top, not funny at all, with no clear message and the music was not even a little memorable. No thank you. I’ll just keep rewatching the first one.

Thor Ragnarok

Everybody’s out there watching Avengers; Infinity War and here I am just now catching up with Thor: Ragnarok. But it’s all good because this was amazing. I wasn’t that fond of Thor in hist first two movies (mostly watched for Loki), but he has gained a new fan. I enjoyed every single minute of this movie. Also, I want more Valkyrie. That is all.

Life update

Things that made me sad this month:

  • My mother is having some major health problems, which really scares me.
  • Not having seen my friends in months and missing them so much. I know everybody’s off adulting, but I’m a high maintenance friend and require regular check-ins, okay?

Things that made me angry this month:

  • People grossly underestimating me and not even giving me the respect of saying what they think to my face so I can’t even speak my mind.

Things that made me happy this month:

  • The weather has been absolutely lovely and summery and the trees are all blooming so I guess winter is finally over which makes me so happy.
  • I went to the Facts fair in Gent, which is kind of like a Comic-Con and seeing all that nerdy merch and cosplayers walking around made me so happy. Also, I tried some Onigiri, which I’d only seen in anime and always thought looked delicious. It was delicious.
  • BTS announced their comeback and a world tour!


  • BTS Comeback
  • Friends date night is scheduled.
  • Yearly dance shows take place (ahh I need to practice!)
  • I have two weeks off from work and I’m looking forward to getting so much reading and blogging done!


  1. Haha we both put BTS’ comeback in what’s happening next month xD I’ve been warming up to Twice’s music lately and I do like their song What Is Love, and the music video is really cute. Haha I wasn’t expecting anything from the new Pitch Perfect movie.

    1. Haha yeah, great minds think alike (or great ARMY’s think alike 😉 ) What do you think of Singularity? Twice has such cute music videos indeed! And yeah, the new Pitch Perfect is nothing special…

  2. I hope your mom starts feeling better soon! Looks like you have a lot to look forward to in May.

    Pitch Perfect 3 was such a disappointment, wasn’t it??

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, Pitch Perfect 3 was very disappointing. I’ll just stick to the first one 🙂

  3. Three books are better than zero. (Also, I only read 2 books in April, so I’m envious.) I hope your mom feels better soon. Have an excellent May!

    1. Three books is indeed not all bad. (Neither is two for that matter 😉 ) Thanks so much! Hope you’ll have an amazing May too.

  4. It sounds like you had a great reading month, Lindsey! I don’t know what it is about April but I always tend to read really good books in April (it’s the magic). I’m definitely not complaining!

    Haha never fear, you aren’t the last one to watch Ragnarok! I haven’t even seen Civil War yet and it’s been sitting on my Netflix watchlist for about five months now. That and I still have to see Black Panther as well before I see Infinity War. Honestly, sometimes keeping up with Marvel is exhausting!

    I wish all the best for your mom; I hope everything turns out all right.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Haha April magic doesn’t sound too bad 🙂
      Keeping up with Marvel is definitely exhausting! I did see Civil War, but I’m still behind on Black Panther and even Doctor Strange… We’ll get there 😉
      Thanks so much <3

  5. YES to NCT and Eric Nam. Honestly, such good songs. NCT has been killing it in 2018. I really liked Annihilation, actually. But I definitely understand what you mean, it left me reeling too. I kept thinking about the ending, and at one point wondered whether I was hallucinating it.

    1. NCT has definitely been killing it in 2018. They’re becoming one of my favorites for sure 🙂
      Yes the ending to Annihilation definitely left me reeling. I still appreciate the movie and think of it as a great movie, it’s just not really my cup of tea 🙂

  6. Yay you loved Big Little Lies!! I also read it because I’d heard about the tv series and wanted to read the book first, and now I am desperate to watch it!! I know it’ll be brilliant on screen.

    I’ve read Annihilation, but I’m not sure I’m ready to see the movie 😉 The book was super creepy, so I don’t think I’m brave enough to watch it just yet.

    I totally just watch the Thor movies for Loki. He’s always the highlight!

    Hope May is a good month for you, Lindsey, and I really hope your Mum’s health improves <3

    1. Yes I’m so looking forward to the Big Little Lies tv show now! If it’s even close to as good as the book it’ll be amazing!
      I didn’t read the Annihilation book, so I didn’t know what to expect from the movie. Maybe if you know what to expect it’ll be slightly less creepy? Either way, I still thought it was too creepy for me personally 🙂
      Yes, Loki! He’s the best.
      Thanks, Amy! Hope you’ll have an amazing May as well <3

  7. Many well wishes to your mom. <3
    And hey, at least those three books were good reads, right?

    1. Thanks so much!
      And yes, 3 good reads is definitely not that bad 🙂

  8. I’m glad you enjoyed Big Little Lies. I rarely ever say this but I think the HBO series is even better than the book so I hope you enjoy it when you get to watch it. It’s just so well cast and really brings those characters to life.

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of Pitch Perfect 3 either. As much as I loved seeing all of the characters one last time, the storyline just didn’t appeal to me nearly as much as the first two films did and now I’m just glad they’re stopping at 3 movies, lol.

    I’m really sorry to hear that your mom is having health issues. I hope that she’ll be okay. Sending lots of good vibes her way.

    1. I just saw the first episode of the Big Little Lies tv show and I’m already loving it! The cast really is amazing.
      Yes, I was so happy when I heard there would be another Pitch Perfect, but this movie felt completely unnecessary. I’m just gonna pretend it never happened 🙂
      Thanks so much Suzanne! Hope you’ll have a great month!

  9. You’re not the last one to watch Thor: Ragnarok. That would be me and my husband, lol. We can’t go watch movies together anymore (we have a 4yo and twins that are 16-months), so we have to wait for Red Box or our library. ❤

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?

    1. Hope you’ll get to see Thor Ragnarok soon and you’ll both love it!

  10. Big Little Lies is not my usual genre, but I could not put it down. I hope you’re having a great May 🙂

    1. Same here 🙂 Hope you’ll have an amazing May too!

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