Reader Rambles: Ain’t No Hangover Like A Book Hangover

Honestly, I don’t drink so I’m not one to judge if a book hangover is actually worse than an alcohol-induced hangover. However, I COMPLETELY BELIEVE IT IS!

The reason for this post is that I’m currently having my biggest book hangover in months. I finished the amazing A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas over 3 weeks ago. And I am still not completely recovered, guys! I loved it so, so much. Ever since reading that book, I’ve basically been thinking about it all the time. I read it again immediately after finishing and I am contemplating reading it again for the third time. My time is spent browsing the web for ACOMAF reviews and ACOMAF fanart. I only listen to Sarah’s ACOMAF playlist on Spotify, while I imagine book scenes taking place with certain songs as the soundtrack. It’s crazy. I’m going crazy.

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Book Hangover: A Definition

A book hangover is the struggle a person goes through trying to reconnect with reality after finishing an amazing book.

Book hangover vs Reading slump

A book hangover is definitely not to confuse with the dreaded reading slump, though it does have some similarities.

A reading slump is when you just can’t pick up a book. Because you just can’t. Because… reasons. One of those reasons can be a book hangover. But there can be other reasons too, like you are just not in the mood or you’d rather watch Netflix or you have genre fatigue.

Yes, a book hangover can lead to a reading slump, but even so I don’t consider book hangovers as a bad thing. I actually quite like them. Because if I have one, it means I have just read an amazing, fantastic book! And who doesn’t love reading amazing books? I actually only give 5 star ratings to books that are able to give me some form of a book hangover.


Doctor, doctor, What are The symptoms of a book hangover?

Symptoms can vary, but usually include one or more of these:

  • You are not able to start a new book. Because it is just not good enough! It does not take place in the same world or feature the same characters and all you want is to read about them.
  • You are re-reading and re-reading the same book over and over again. Either in it’s entirety or a selection of your favorite scenes.
  • You can’t understand why you are being forced to continue on with such trivial things as work or school. Don’t they understand you just went through something traumatic? That you just lived an entire life and now have to say goodbye to it? Seriously, you should be able to take a sick day because of a book hangover.
  • You have no more conversation skills about anything that is not relating to this book. All you want to do is talk about the book and you use every excuse to talk about it. “Oh, you’re thirsty? This character in this book was thirsty too, let me tell you all about it!”
  • You can’t express your love in words. Even if you try, you always end up just making random noises of approval and excitement. “This book is so good, gah! Let me tell you, it’s just so.. ah, you know? … And this main character is so… ldjksnjah…”
  • When your friends and family can’t hear you talk anymore, you are stalking the internet for any and all conversation that has to do with this book. Reviews, fanart, fancasts, playlists, … anything, as long as it helps fill the hole in your heart.
  • You are fiercely protective of this book. Yes, opinions vary and should be respected at all times, but when you are in the midst of a major book hangover you are not thinking clearly and you may act a bit too rashly when someone says something bad about this book. (Sincere apologies will definitely follow when reason eventually returns)
  • You threaten your friends and family to read this book and you are even considering going up to total strangers to recommend them this amazing book.


Getting back on that horse: How TO get over a book hangover

  • My number one tip would be to give it time. If you want to re-read, then just do that. Forcing yourself to read something else when you don’t want to could lead to a reading slump and we definitely don’t want that to happen!
  • Talk about it. Getting it out of your system usually helps. Talk to a friend about it. Or go online and talk about it there. Share the love!
  • Do something else. Anything non-book related. Watch some movies. Binge watch some tv series. Go out with friends. Go excercise. Remind yourself of all the fun non-book related things life has to offer!
  • If you think you’re ready to start reading again, take it easy. Re-read an old favorite that is sure to get you all excited about books again. Or read something short and light. I personally love fluffy contemporaries to get over book hangovers and to get back in the schwung of reading.


How do you feel about book hangovers? Do you love them or dread them? What’s the last book that gave you such a huge book hangover? And what do you do to get out of it?


  1. I had the BIGGEST book hangover when I finished The Raven King and The Hidden Oracle. I think I still kind of have one. I honestly still think about both of them every day and when I finished The Raven King I spent over a week re-reading all my favourite parts. Even now when I’m reading other books my mind wanders back to both of them.

    Book hangovers are great in the sense that it’s so fantastic to truly a love a book so much, but they also suck because it’s so emotionally draining haha.

    1. I almost finished The Raven Boys and I can already see a huge book hangover coming when I finish this series (or even this book). SO I completely understand 🙂
      Yes, book hangovers would be super fun if it wasn’t for the total emotional drainage!

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