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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

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Top Ten TuesdayThis week’s top ten is all about the joys of being a bookworm. I recently did a tag on reader problems, but the truth is that loving books can be all kinds of wonderful too. From finding new favorites to browsing bookstores, to watching a very good movie adaptation, there are just so many things for bookworms to be happy about!


Here are just a few of my bookworm delights:

Finding a new ‘all-time favorite’ book or book series

This is pretty much the best feeling ever. Getting to that point in a book where you just know that this book will change you. Where you are obsessed about this book and thinking about it all the time. Where you just grab every chance you get to continue reading this book. Dinner? I’ll take my book. Brushing my teeth? I’ll take my book. Can’t take my book? Then I’ll be thinking about the book or browsing Pinterest, Bookstagram or any social media for quotes or fanart. Finding a new all-time favorite may not be very good for productivity, but oh boy is it good for the soul!


Having someone fall in love with a book you recommended to them

Book recommendations are scary. Not everybody likes the same books, but when you love something and you share that with someone, you kind of hope they will love it too. Otherwise it may crush your soul. No pressure. But when they end up loving a book as much as you love it, you have just hit gold. Not only did you get to share your book love with someone, but you now have someone to fangirl with. And we all love to fangirl. (Well I do anyway). Bonus: if someone loved your recommendations, chances are you will be able to give more of them. YAY for recommendations!

Browsing your favorite bookstore

Ah, another great bookworm delight. It’s so much fun to browse bookstores. Being able to say hi to known and loved books and discovering new possible treasures. Taking books out based on the title, author or cover. (Yes, it’s totally ok to judge books by their covers!) Reading the descriptions and thinking about whether you should buy them now, later or maybe even never. Though to be fair, this is an activity best indulged in solo or with other bookworms. Non-bookworms may not always appreciate having to wait for you for hours while you look at the same shelves over and over again, just in case you may have missed your next all-time favorite…


Receiving a book you ordered online

As much fun as it is to browse through an actual, physical bookstore, it is just as great to order books online. Because when the books arrive, it feels like a surprise gift! A gift from you to yourself, but who cares? You get to open a box and in it you find that book you’ve been wanting to read. Bonus points if your books get delivered at work, because then it feels even more like a nice little break. Only downside: no matter how much you want to, you can’t stop work to start reading immediately. It’s usually frowned upon.

Binge reading a series

I LOVE BINGE READING SERIES! One, you don’t have to suffer the terrible cliffhangers for too long and you can just continue on with the next book immediately. Two, you will not forget any of the details and you will be better able to remain in this world for longer. Three, because of this, the feels will be that much stronger! That being said though, I do kind of also love the following feeling…

Finally opening the book you’ve been anticipating for ages

Yes, I love binge reading. I have zero patience and the memory of a goldfish so it’s a bit more tricky to read series when each book is only being published a year apart. BUT it still is glorious when you love a series so much and have been anticipating a new release for ages. It’s easy to get excited about things such as a cover reveal (OMG, so pretty!) or a title reveal (OMG, what does it mean?). But then when the day comes that you have the actual book in your hands? GLORIOUS HEAVENLY BLISS!


Watching a really good movie adaptation of one of your favorite books

The saying goes that the book is always better than the movie. I would have to agree with that saying in about 90% of the cases. HOWEVER, it is always fun to watch one of your favorite books being turned into a (good) movie. Watching for casting news. Comparing the actual cast with your fan cast. Speculating about the changes they may make (GASP! Oh no, not changes!). Eagerly awaiting the first trailer and then rewatching it over and over and over again. And then finally being able to see your favorite story on the big screen and realizing it’s GOOD. (Yes, it does happen! See Harry Potter. See Catching Fire. See Lord of the Rings. Yes, I still recommend the books first, but the movies are pretty good too and make for excellent movie marathons)

Having a day of uninterrupted reading bliss

It doesn’t even matter where. Reading on a rainy day beneath a warm blanket, with a hot drink nearby. Or reading on a sunny day, outside with a cool drink nearby. As long as you can read for a whole day without having to think about silly things like work, groceries, cleaning or any of that pesky real-life stuff. Because that’s what gives you the chance to really emerge yourself in the story and the world. That’s a crucial ingredient that can turn a good book in a great book!


Collecting a matching series

Being a bookworm is sometimes all about the little things. One of these little things is that books can look really pretty on your bookshelf. ESPECIALLY if the series are looking all nice and the same height and the same finishing and (for me) the same language. It’s an achievement, guys, and don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about being a matching books collector!

Discovering something new because of a book

This can be big or small, but either way it’s proof that books can change you. It’s possible that because of a book you are listening to some new music, trying something different to eat, finding a new hobby or planning your next vacation. Or it’s possible that a book gave you the motivationΒ  to change your life, or gave you the courage to try something you’ve been wanting to try forever but were afraid to. A book can make you realize feelings you didn’t know you had. It can help you deal with issues. Books can do all these things and that’s why it’s such a delight to be a bookworm!

What are some of your bookworm delights? Do we have any in common?


  1. It’s so wonderful to get a book in the mail. Some anticipation (a week or so) and then, boom, your book!

    1. Yes, it’s the best! It’s like unwrapping a present every time πŸ™‚

  2. Great Top Ten!
    I love when people love the books you recommend. I always feel accomplished! πŸ˜€
    My TTT.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s a great feeling πŸ™‚

  3. I really should try binge reading a series. I have never done it, hence the reason I have so many of them going at one time. Great list.

    1. Binge reading is great! As much as I love anticipating a new release, I think I prefer binge reading a whole series at once just a bit more πŸ™‚

  4. YES to all of these!! Love your list <3 I really love when a movie adaptation fits a book so well. I hate bad adaptations.

    1. Thanks! Yes, bad movie adaptations are not so good, but when they are done well they can make me so happy πŸ™‚ And the anticipation for a movie release is already half the fun πŸ™‚

  5. I agree with all of these!! Especially the binge reading a series!! Great list πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! Yes, binge reading is one of my favorite ways of reading πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh yes, I definitely agree with this WONDERFUL LIST! There’s nothing like finding a new favorite. This happened to me recently with the Jandy Nelson books, and damn, that thrill, that CRAZY HAPPY feeling you get, there’s nothing more awesome <3

    1. Thanks! Oh I haven’t ready any Jandy Nelson books yet, I will have to give them a try soon!

  7. So true! Today was my first TTT post here:

    Hope you can relate to my list as well πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! And welcome to the awsesomeness that is TTT πŸ™‚

  8. Yes to all of these!! I love getting to browse in a bookstore when I get the chance. Great list!

    1. Thanks! Yes, bookstores are magical places πŸ™‚

  9. AHHH I LOVE SO MANY OF THESE. Matching series and bookmail though. <3 They totally steal my bookish heart. EEEP. And I also love it when bookshelves are super nicely organised and all the series fit nicely on the shelf. XD Also finally opening a highly anticipated read?! ME ABSOLUTELY. Also me right now with The Raven King since I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER for it. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. One should never underestimate the power of matching series and nicely organised bookshelves πŸ™‚

  10. Being in bookstores is so wonderful! They’re such magical places. I received book mail today and was like an excited 5 year old, haha! It’s the best ?

    1. I agree completely, nothing beats becoming as excited as a 5 year old when it comes to bookmail πŸ™‚

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