Help Me Unhaul My Physical TBR Because I’ll Be Moving Soon & Am Terrible At Making Decisions {Top Ten Tuesday}

180626 TTT Unhaul

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Welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

Today Top Ten Tuesday is being twisted a liiitle bit to fit into my life right now. And well, because I need help! As you may know from my monthly wrap-up, my husband and I have recently bought a house and we’ll be moving in the fall. Now, I’ve collected quite a few physical books over the years (especially since I started blogging), and I urgently need to unhaul. Like, before we move, so I don’t need to unnecessarily move all these books I’m not gonna keep and don’t have room for anyway.

For the ones I’ve read, it’s a relatively easy decision: if I loved it and think I’ll re-read it some day, it’s a keeper. If I didn’t, it’s a goner. But unfortunately, I’ve also collected a lot of books I haven’t even read yet. (OH THE SHAME) So the choice is even harder for these ones, because who knows what lovely gems I could be unhauling?

So I need your help! Below are the ten books I’m in conflict over the most. Please give me your opinions if you see any books that you read and LOVED or HATED/STRONGLY DISLIKED so I can take this into account. My indecisive self will be very thankful 🙂

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The Post of SHAME: Twelve Books I Meant To Get To In 2017 But Didn’t (But Will in 2018… Probably) {Top Ten Tuesday}

180109 TTT Post of Shame

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Welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday! Today I’m putting all my shame out there and presenting you with the twelve books I totally meant to get to in 2017, but didn’t… (and the worst part is that I had to cut down this list so badly just to get to only twelve… *nervous laughter*)

But here we go! Feel free to point out the books you read and loved and feel like I should absolutely just READ ALREADY.

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Procrastination Is My Middle Name — Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start Forever {Top Ten Tuesday}

170620 TTT Series I've Been Meaning To Start

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Hi guys, and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

Today is all about procrastination. I’m actually pretty good at making a plan and sticking to it. But when it comes to books… there are just too many that I want to read and I get distracted easily by shiny new books. The result is of course that there are a million series which I’ve been meaning to start… but haven’t. For some I’ve even already purchased the first book. For some I’ve even already purchased the entire series (*cough* Heroes of Olympus *cough*). And still… no reading is being done. Even though I keep saying I’ll read them next.

So consider this my post of shame and let me present to you: the ten series I’ve been meaning to start FOREVER (but haven’t)!

(Titles link to Goodreads page for more information)

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Ten Books On My Spring TBR {Top Ten Tuesday}

170314 TTT Spring TBR

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Hi guys and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

Seeing as spring is almost here (and boy, am I ready for spring to begin!), today’s all about the books that I’m planning to read this spring.

I divided this list in two parts:

  1. New spring releases, because is it just me or is this spring filled with amazing new book releases?
  2. Books from my backlist, because I’m still trying to tackle that monster of a TBR so while I’m being bombarded with new releases I also still want to catch up with some older books.

Will I succesfully be able to read all these books in the upcoming springtime? Who knows, but I’m already super excited to get to each and every one of them so I’ll definitely be trying!

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