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Ten Books On My Fall TBR {Top Ten Tuesday}

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Fall is finally here! I mean, summer’s nice and all and I will miss it, but fall is definitely my favorite season. Sweater weather, fall colours, pumpking-flavored everything and Halloween! What’s not to love?

But fall is also the time for cozy indoor reading. I’m not sure why, but nothing beats reading in the fall. It’s just a million times more fun and cozy and an absolute must. So naturally, my fall TBR always seems a bit larger than usual around this time of the year. Let me tell you the ten books at the top of my fall TBR list!


Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo

Release Date: September 27th (TODAY!)

This is only one of my most anticipated releases of this year, so OF COURSE I’m excited about this one. I loved Six of Crows and I am SO READY to dive back into the world of the Grisha!

Frost Like Night (Snow Like Ashes #3) by Sara Raasch

Release Date: September 20th

I loved the first book in this trilogy, but was a bit disappointed by the second book. Nevertheless, I’m still so eager to find out how the story ends in Frost Like Night!

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Release Date: November 8th

There will be pastries. It’s by Marissa Meyer. It’s a retelling. There is a forbidden romance. These are all valid reasons to want to read this book. Yes, in that order.

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

Release Date: September 20th

This story has a sorcerer who can burst into flames. And… other things. I’m sure. Buuut it got me at sorcerer who can burst into flames. I need this.

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

Release date: November 1st

I loved Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon so I’m of course curious about her new book!

Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven

Release Date: October 4th

I read All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven in January this year and to this date I still think about it regularly. So I simply must read her new book – I’m sure it will be equally beautiful and thought-provoking.

Non-fall 2016 releases

Half Bad by Sally Green

This book has been on my TBR for a while and a few weeks ago I caved and just bought the entire trilogy at once. So this is it, I’m finally starting this one this fall! Plus: books about witches just seem perfect for fall.

Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Another series that has been on my TBR for too long. I’m commited to starting this one in the next few weeks.

How To Hang A Witch by Adrianna Mather

Again: witches. More than that, Salem witches. And it’s written by one of the descendants of Cotton Mather. Perfect Halloweeny read, I think.

The Architect of Song by A.G. Howard

This is a new adult fantasy featuring ghosts. And if that’s not enough (it totally is though), it’s also written by A.G. Howard, who already wrote my beloved Splintered series, so I’m sure this will be equally creepy and atmospheric!

what books are on your fall tbr list? do we have some in common?


  1. We totally share the first four books of your list but that is no surprise, right? 😀
    Written in Red is great though I prefer the second one. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I also need to get to Half Bad soonish.

    1. Ah, there are just sooo many amazing releases in fall! 🙂 Best reading season!
      I definitely plan to binge the entire Others series after I finish Written in Red! I’m already expecting to love it so my expectations are super high though! And same for Half Bad 🙂

  2. Holding Up the Universe and Heartless are on my list too. I think they are on MANY people’s lists this week. But it’s not surprising considering how great the previous books by these authors were. I’m so excited.
    I think I need to get on the Leigh Bardugo train and read some of her books. So many people are excited for the new one!

    1. I know, both Holding Up the Universe and Heartless are so hugely anticipated, and for good reason 🙂
      Yes, definitely get on the Leigh Bardugo train 😉 I loved the Grisha trilogy, and Six of Crows was even better!

  3. I can’t wait to read Heartless either, it sounds SO good. And even if I haven’t read Winter yet, I feel like, after all of these marvellous books, I need to automatically add Marissa Meyer’s books to my TBR! 🙂
    I LOVED Holding Up The Universe, I got lucky enough to get an ARC of it, and it was such a great book, I think that if you enjoyed All The Bright Places, you will like this one as well – I certainly hope so, and I will be looking forward to your review! 🙂 And The Sun is Also a Star, YES YES YES, I want to read that book as well 🙂 Great picks! 🙂

    1. After reading The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer has become an auto-buy author for me! I wasn’t sure if it was for me before reading it, and I’m so glad I gave it a chance because now it’s one of my all-time favorite series 🙂
      So glad you enjoyed Holding Up The Universe! I have really high hopes for it. Even though it’s not technically released yet, I found a copy in a bookstore last weekend so I got it and I can’t wait to read it 🙂

  4. A big yes to Crooked Kingdom! I also really want to read The Architect of Song, it looks amazing. I’d highly recommend Written in Red, I absolutely love the series. Happy reading 😀

    1. Crooked Kingdom is one of my most anticipated books of 2016, so I’m so happy it’s FINALLY HERE! (well almost, my order is on the way so I HOPE it will be here soon 🙂 )
      Written in Red has been on my TBR for too long now, so it’s time to start reading 🙂 Hope to binge the rest of the series soon.

  5. I totally agree that autumn is the best season – not too warm, not too cold and perfect for cozy evenings on the couch or in bed with a good book! 😀

    I’m always trying to find good horror novels for the Halloween season so HOW TO HANG A WITCH is definitely a book I need to take a closer look at!

    I also keep seeing CROOKED KINGDOM everywhere today so maybe I should give these books a try soon 😀

    1. Yes, you captured the benefits of autumn perfectly! 🙂
      I’m definitely excited for How To Hang A Witch, I’m hoping it’s a perfect Halloween read!
      Oh and I definitely recommend Six of Crows, it’s one of my favorite books 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy when you get to it!

  6. I have basically all of these on my TBR 🙂 great list 😀

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Hope you’ll get to them soon!

  7. So excited for Heartless , The Sun is Also a Star and Holding Up the Universe. I read Half Bad and liked it and I really need to get the next book. I liked where it was heading a lot. Enjoy these!

    1. Yes, I’m super excited for those as well! Glad you liked Half Bad! I’ve heard some mixed reviews, but it sounds like something I’d love so I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

  8. I have never heard of A.G. Howard, but The Architect of Song sounds really good.

    Here is my TTT:

    1. She also wrote the Splintered series, which is an Alice in Wonderland retelling. I really liked that one so I have high hopes for The Architect of Song. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I’m so excited about so many of these! I really loved Half Bad. I hope you like it too. I need to pick up the other 2 books soon. How to Hang a Witch sounds really interesting. I love books about witches. 🙂

    1. Glad you loved Half Bad! I’m really looking forward to starting that one soon! And also How To Hang A Witch – it’s the perfect season for witch books 🙂

  10. Heartless is on my list! I have a copy of The Sun is Also a Star sitting on my bookshelf, staring at me, but I haven’t read it yet. Holding Up the Universe I read a couple months ago and IT IS SO GOOD! One of my favorite books of 2016 for sure. I hope you love them all!
    My TTT!
    Happy Reading!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you already got to read and LOVED Holding Up The Universe! All The Bright Places is one of my favorites, so I have high hopes for her new book 🙂

  11. We had some of these on our list as well! Our TTT

    1. Great, these are some amazing books to look forward to 🙂

  12. I LOVED Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, now I can’t wait to get my hands on The Sun Is Also A Star! Great Top Ten 😀My Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. Yes, Eveything, Everything was amazing! I loved it so much I read it in a day 🙂 And I’m super pumped for the movie coming up as well! So The Sun Is Also A Star is definitely highly anticipated.

  13. How to Hang a Witch does sound great! Reading about Salem and Witches in October? Can’t get better!

    1. Exactly, no better time than now to read all the witch books 😉

  14. Half Bad is on my list too! I have just finished Heartless – was so lucky to get an ARC. It is very very good. I have to find the words to describe my feelings before I write the review – thats when you know it was special!

    1. Ah that’s so great that you already got to read Heartless, AND that it was so good!! Am looking forward to your review then! And of course for reading the book myself soon 😉

  15. Such a great list! I’m excited about Heartless too and hope to get to it once I work my way through The Lunar Chronicles 🙂

    1. Thanks! I hope you’ll enjoy The Lunar Chronicles (and Heartless ofcourse)! 🙂

  16. Crooked Kingdom is one I’m kinda looking forward to and I haven’t even read the first one yet! And A Shadow Bright and Burning looks pretty awesome…

    1. Haha, I know, the hype for the release of Crooked Kingdom is soo big, it’s hard not to get excited 🙂 But it’s totally worth it in my view, because Six of Crows is one of my all-time favorite reads!

  17. The Sun is Also a Star is one I am really looking forward to reading too.
    I am not sure whether I want to read Jennifer Niven’s new book – I wasn’t a huge fan of All the Bright Places or the synopsis of Holding Up the Universe, but I think I’ll wait to read some reviews for the book before I make my final decision of whether to read it or not 🙂

    I hope you enjoy all of these books this fall!

    1. Thanks! I’m also SUPER excited for The Sun Is Also A Star! I loved Everything, Everything so I have high hopes 🙂
      Ah if you were not a fan of ATBP then it’s probably a good idea to wait for some reviews for Holding Up The Universe! I’ve heard a few people who got an ARC say they loved it, but I’m sure there will be many more reviews to come soon 😉

  18. I can’t believe I forgot about Nicola Yoon’s new book! I wasn’t super impressed by Everything, Everything but liked the writing enough, so now I know what else to look forward to. 🙂

    1. There are so many books out there and 10 is such a small number so it’s hard to include them all 😉 At every Top Ten I read this week I found at least one I forgot!
      I liked Everything, Everything (except maybe the ending), so I’m super curious about The Sun Is Also A Star!

  19. I’m super excited about Heartless and The Sun is Also a Star is really good. I hope you like How to Hang a Witch more than I did. I thought the writing in that one was a little underwhelming. Thanks for stopping by my list, hope you have an awesome fall 🙂

    1. Thanks!
      I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy How To Hang A Witch! I do hope I’ll still like it, we’ll see what I think of it soon 🙂

  20. I think we’re all excited for Crooked Kingdom. The build up has been crazy! 🙂

    1. Haha, yes the Crooked Kingdom hype is huge! But I think it’s one of those books that is worth it (well, I haven’t read it yet, but Six of Crows definitely was amazing!) 🙂

  21. Jennifer Niven’s is one I’ve seen on various lists this week; Sara’s ‘Snow’ series is one I need to finish; and I’m also super curious about Jessica’s debut! 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m so looking forwrad to all of them! Hope you’ll enjoy them too 🙂

  22. I still can’t believe I forgot to include Heartless in my list. I’m going to make it my wallpaper so I won’t forget it again! Marissa Meyer is just too good to forget. I hope I’ll get to Crooked Kingdom this Fall too, once I’m done with Six of Crows.

    1. Ah yes, Heartless is definitely a must! But there are so many good books to read this fall, it’s hard to include them all in a top ten! I saw at least one book I forgot in almost every other top ten I visited this week 😉
      Hope you’ll enjoy Six of Crows AND of course Crooked Kingdom!

  23. I’ve read 2 of these: Architect, and Half Bad and I enjoy them both. I’m starting on Crooked Kingdom this weekend and I have the audiobook for Holding Up which I plan to start next week. Great list! I hope you love them all 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Architect and Half Bad! I’m really looking forward to starting them soon. Ah, Croooked Kingdom! I’m currently reading it and am really loving it, hope you’ll enjoy it too! And Holding Up The Universe as well 🙂

  24. I’m so excited for Heartless!! I really need to read Half Bad too. It’s been on my shelf for soooo long.

    1. Yes, I’m counting down the days until Heartless!! And I’m forcing myself to start Half Bad this fall – it’s been on my TBR list for too long now too! I even bought the entire trilogy at once, which is something I don’t normally do, but now it’s an extra incentive for me to get started 😉

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