And Thus, Fanfiction Was Born… – The Non-Canon Ships Of My Heart {Top Ten Tuesday}

20200211 Non-Canon Ships of my heart

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Hi everybody, and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

This week is all about love and I decided to highlight some of the ships (as in relationships) that were sadly never meant to be (or survive).  They are non-canon.  A little definition:

“Simply put, “canon” or “canonical” is a word used to describe the official continuity of events and stories within a body of fictional works, while “non-canon” refers to anything that is not recognized as being part of the official timeline.”

So while these relationships didn’t happen in the actual story (or I have a few which did but were sadly not endgame)  I just love them so much that I’ll forever be sad about them. Thankfully, we do have fanfiction and they can live on in my head!

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