6 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks {Discussion}

6 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks

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Hi everybody and welcome to a new post!

Let’s start with a little story-time, shall we? Up until the beginning of 2019, I was super intimidated by audiobooks. I had all these notions in my head that they were cool, but not for me. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to focus on them. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy them as much as regular printed books. I wasn’t sure I’d find the time to listen to them. So I just stuck to my printed books.

But then I started a new job a few months ago for which I would need to spend more time on my daily commute and would lose the possibility to use my lunchtime as reading time. In conclusion: this would have been lethal to my reading life if I didn’t make any changes. So I tried an Audible audiobook for the first time in the car to work. AND I FELL IN LOVE.

Audiobooks saved my reading life. I’m actually ahead on my reading goals for the first time in forever. So I want to share the love for anyone who, like me, is still unsure about audiobooks. I hereby present to you: 6 benefits of audiobooks, according to…me!

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Five Totally Easy & Helpful Tips On How To Read More {Discussion}

How To Read More

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Hi everybody and welcome to a new post!

When I tell people that I love to read and even blog about reading, one of the first things they always ask me (somewhat skeptically, sometimes even a little condescendingly but that’s  rant for another day) is “How do you read so much?”

read more

Well, I’m here to spill the deets. And shockingly as it may be, the secret is not one of the following:

  • I do not have superpowers. I can’t read super quickly or stop time to read whenever I want (though how cool would that be?)
  • I am not in possession of a timeturner or any other device that helps me control time.
  • I am not able to stay up all night and read (quite the opposite, I need my 9 hours of sleep just to be a decent human being, so really I’m at a disadvantage here.)
  • I do not lack what is called ‘a life’, as is perhaps the most common misconception. I actually do have stuff to do and places to be, just like anyone else.

Life is happening

Honestly, I don’t think I read a lot. I think I fall pretty much around the average point on the spectrum. I’ve met people who read WAY MORE than me. And people who read less than me. So please take this post with a grain of salt. I am in no way an expert and reading this post will not grant you sudden superpowers to read at superspeed. But I do like to read, and I do have a few little tips on how to read more, so I figured I might as well share them. Here we go!

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On Online Friendships & The Blogging Community {Discussion}

On Online Friendships

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HI everybody! As you may know I recently read Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia (check out my review if you want more info). It’s an amazing story about Eliza, a web comic creator who prefers her life spent online to the real world and whose friendships are purely online. She often gets criticism about this and has to defend her online friends as ‘real friendships’ constantly.

It got me thinking a lot about the concept of friendship and the differences and similarities between online friendships and ‘real-life’ friendships. Especially in relationship to something close to my life and heart, the book blogging community. Because, even though not everybody may think of this the same way, I do consider you my friends. If I comment regularly on your blog, you comment on mine or we chat now and then through social media – I consider us friends.

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The Dark Side Of Blogging — On Blogging Doubts, Insecurities & Frustrations {Discussion}

The Dark Side of Blogging

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Hi everybody!

I’ve been a book blogger for almost two years now. (Blogoversary’s coming up in January woop!) And it’s been a blast. I couldn’t imagine my life without blogging anymore. I’ve learned so many new things, both regarding to the act of blogging itself, as to just in general. I love talking about things I love. I love the bookish community. Every comment makes my day. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

But. Despite all the positives, there is also a dark side to blogging. There are days when it’s a little hard to think about all the positives and it’s just so tempting to focus on those few negatives. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. So why not talk about it with the people who would best understand, fellow bloggers? Let’s get into some of the most common book blogging issues!


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Nine Advantages of eBooks {Discussion}

Nine Advantages of eBooks

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Hi guys! Today I’d like to talk a bit about how and why I learned to love eBooks.

Story time: I used to be rather anti eBooks. In my mind, nothing could beat actual physical books. And what’s not to love about them? They feel good in your hands. They look good on a book shelf. They smell good. They are more photogenic than people and perfect for bookstagram. Opening book mail feels like a party. They make a perfect gift. They make perfect heavy self-defence weapons. I mean, the advantages of physical books are plenty, while an eBook is just… bleh.

At least, that’s what I USED to think. Lately, my eyes have been opening to the wonder of eBooks. They definitely deserve a lot more credit. So why not share my new-found knowledge and list some of the reasons why eBooks are actually quite rad too?

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Reader Rambles: I’m So Not Too Old For That (Or Why It’s Still A-Okay To Read YA)

I’m 30 years old and I like reading YA.

Glad that’s out of the way. Just to be clear, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But the truth is that YA books are under discussion a lot. Especially during the last few years when YA has grown so much in popularity thanks to books and succesful movie adaptations such as The Hunger Games, Divergent or The Fault in our Stars.

Why is YA in discussion, you ask? Because people are judgy little things. And the reply of “Oh, you still read young adult books? My tastes are a little more literary” is unfortunately one that is said (or at least thought) often. It’s not always said with bad intentions, but it does come across as a bit degrading. It makes people feel bad about reading YA and it shouldn’t! Because YA books can be just as literary as adult fiction.

And even though a lot has already been said on the topic, I thought I’d just give my two cents on it here.

First of all, what exactly is YA?


YA stands for Young Adult and is a way of marketing books. In it’s essence, it only means that the main characters are between 16-19 years old. The term refers to the age of the main character. That’s it.

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