The 2017 Year In Review Book Tag {Tag Thursday}

2017 Year in Review Book Tag

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Hi everybody and welcome to a new Tag Thursday (hi, it’s been a while!).

I wasn’t actually tagged for this one, but it looked fun and I love doing these kind of end-of-the-year wrapups so I thought, why not? This tag was created by A BookTube Book, so go check out her entry!

Also, you’ll be pleased to know that I tried very hard (and kind of halfway succeeded) to keep the Red Winter fangirling to a minimum and give other nice books a chance to shine too. So let’s dive right in!

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Mid Year Book Freakout Tag — 2017 Edition {Tag Thursday}

Mid Year Book Freakout Tag 2017 Edition

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Hi guys! Since we are (almost) at the middle of the year, I thought it would be fun to take a step back and look at what 2017 has been like so far and also to take a look at what’s still to come with the Mid Year Book Freakout Tag (2017 version)! This tag is created by ReadLikeWildfire and Ely Jayne

At this moment I have read 38  books of my total goal of 75  books to be read this year. So looks like I’m right on track! Let’s get started!

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OMG This Song Book Tag {Tag Thursday}

OMG This Song Book Tag

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Hi guys, and welcome to a new Tag Thursday!

This tag is a little different, as it focuses on both music AND books. I was thinking about putting it in my Something Different Sunday feature since the music focus is so prominent, but then again, I’m also still talking books and it’s a tag, so in the end I decided to do this here.

As you may know from reading my blog, I LOVE music. Music means the world to me. And, as you may also find out from this tag, my musical tastes are pretty much… all over the place. My playlist features so many completely different genres it’s a little crazy, but that’s also the way I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

So first of all, thank you to Lauren at Wonderless Reviews for tagging me in this post. It’s always so fun to talk music with you! Also, this tag was originally created by Kate @ Katesbookdate and you can see her original video here!

Let’s get into the tag!

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Who Am I? {Tag Thursday}

Who Am I Tag

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Hi guys, and welcome to a new Tag Thursday! Today is a little something different, because I saw the Who Am I tag around and was super intrigued so I had to do it myself.

I love taking these kinds of little personality tests, but I must say that I usually don’t put that much stock in them. I feel like the human personality can be so complex and is basically impossible to test. Either the results are incomplete and only show one side of things or they are deliberately vague. But I still love taking them for some reason?

But either way, I was actually completely surprised by one of them. I never did the Myer-Briggs personality test before, but the results were not only oddly specific in their description of my personality, but I also never felt like a test so perfectly described me. Haha, my own personality finally started making sense to me. And the other tests actually kind of confirmed that conclusion, so I guess there  may be some sense in it all after all?

Anyway, here are my results:

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Anything But Books Tag {Tag Thursday}

Anything But Books Tag

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Hi guys and welcome to a new Tag Thursday!

Today let’s talk about… well… anything BUT books (as the title of this tag already cleverly suggests). As much as I love talking about books (and boy, I love talking about books), there also is so much more out there I love and I would jump at the opportunity to talk about some of that as well!

So naturally, when I saw this tag done recently by Lauren at Wonderless Reviews and by Marie at Drizzle & Hurricane Books, I knew I just had to give it a go myself. This tag was originally created by Katie @ ReaderRot, you can check out her original video here.

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Book-To-Movie Adaptations: My Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda Wishlist

170316 Simon Wishlist

Let’s start with a confession: I love book-to-movie adaptations. I really do.

To be clear: I do usually still prefer the books. They just allow me to immerse myself into the world better and fall in love with the characters more. Most movies lack the time for me to really reach the same level of investment. They have to cut certain scenes, dialogues or even characters (even though I believe most book lovers would gladly watch a 4-hour adaptation containing every single scene of the book) and while it can be done and be done well, it can hardly ever hold a candle to the book.

Nevertheless, I can still really enjoy a good book-to-movie adaptation. I’m ok with them changing or cutting certain things as long as they stay true to the spirit of the book. I just love that this story that I love and adore gets brought to life in a different way. I love how it is able to reach more people and make other people fall in love with the characters that already have a place in my heart. I love getting excited for it, keeping an eye out for casting news, watching the trailer a hundred times over again and finally getting to actually see the movie on the big screen with a giddy heart.

But before I finally see the movie, I also love speculating about it. And that’s the reason for this post, which may eventually become a series.

Today I’d love to talk about the upcoming Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda movie.

Simon is one of my all-time favorite books: it’s cute, adorable, real, diverse and relatable. So of course I am super excited about the movie adaptation, which has recently started filming. There’s already quite a bit of information on casting and such, which can be found on Becky Albertalli’s tumblr.

So here is pretty much my wishlist for the movie, ranging from the general and important to the specific but smaller details:

Warning: May contain some spoilers for the book. Nothing on the identity of Blue though.

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Yuri On Ice Book Tag {Tag Thursday}

Yuri On Ice Book Tag

Hi guys, and welcome to this very special Tag Thursday! Why is this one so special, you may ask?

Well, it’s the first time I actually made my own ORGINAL BOOK TAG! Woop, woop! As you may or may not know, I have recently fallen in love (some may call it obsessed) with a little anime called Yuri!!! On Ice. Now, I never would have guessed I would become addicted to an anime about ice figure skaters, but here I am! I saw this show mentioned on Twitter regularly and got intrigued so I checked out the first few episodes and became hooked.

It’s about Katsuki Yuri, a Japanese figure skater who lost badly in his last Grand Prix. He’s suffering from crippling self-doubt and anxiety and is thinking about retiring until a video of him skating the routine of his idol, Victor Nikiforov, goes viral and none other than Victor himself shows up to coach him. This show is just so beautiful and funny and heartwarming. Yuri is such a relatable main character and the evolution of his relationship with Victor (an actual canon LGBTQIA+ relationship) is a joy to watch. I adored the 12 episodes and am keeping my fingers crossed for a second season!

And in the meantime, why not combine two things I love and do a little Yuri On Ice Book Tag?

Here we go!

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The Emoji Book Tag {Tag Thursday}

170119 Emoji Book Tag

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Welcome to a new Tag Thursday! Today, it’s time for… THE EMOJI BOOK TAG!

I was tagged for this by the lovely Prabhleen from Booksarelife987. Thank you, Prabhleen!

This tag was originally created by InkBonesBooks on YouTube.

How does this tag work? Basically, you just select your  most recent five emojis and match books to them. Also specify what you use the emojis for. Here we go!

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