Bookish Names For Your Pet {Top Ten Tuesday}

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Welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday!

Today’s all about bookish names and since I am currently debating whether or not to get a dog (but really, is there any debate?), I figured I’d go with bookish pet names. These are some of my thoughts, feel free to hit me up with your suggestions as well!

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Nox (Harry Potter, Throne of Glass)

I’ve always loved this name, and think it would be perfect for a black cat or dog.

Shiro (Red Winter)

My favorite kitsune has the most beautiful name, which means white in Japanese, so perfect for a white-haired dog or cat.

Yumei (Red Winter)

Why not use the name of the Prince of Shadows for a pet?

Jem (The Infernal Devices)

I love Jem and think he has a perfect name for a pet as well.

Percy (Percy Jackson)

For those water-loving dogs.

Azriel (A Court of Thorns and Roses series)

Azriel seems like more of a cat-name (probably because of the Smurfs), but could be used for dogs too, right?

Dante (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe)

For those happy, smiley dogs.

Sansa (A Song of ice and fire)

I love the name Sansa for the more elegant-looking dogs.

Blue (Simon vs, The Raven Boys)

Gotta keep some of my favorite series with me at all times.

Deuce (Enclave trilogy)

Something about Deuce just sounds so badass for a dog.

Loki (Trylle trilogy)

For those mischievous dogs!

WHAT ARE SOME Bookish pet names you love?

34 thoughts on “Bookish Names For Your Pet {Top Ten Tuesday}

  1. Annemieke says:

    Hah I did pets too! But we share none so that is cool. πŸ˜€ More ideas for pet names. I do like the idea of Sansa for a more regal looking dog.

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