Hi and welcome to my first ever blog post!

If not yet clear from the rest of this site, I like books. And talking about books. So this blog will be mostly me just talking about, well, books. With a bit of my personal life and other stuff sprinkled in.

So lets get personal. I have a bit of a medical condition, and I need to watch my blood glucose. Are you at all familiar with that? High blood glucose is all kind of terrible. Now that I think about it, low is as well. Funny how the body works. In any case, I was researching online for possible solutions and I found an article on a site called Tophealthjournal that talked about exactly what I was looking for. I still have to discuss it with my doctor but so far it seems like what I need.

So please bear with me as I start posting my thoughts on books I read and any other topics even remotely related 🙂


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